Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

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Dry skin can be a big trouble at times. Dry skin flakes can make you look really dull. If you moisturise the skin by massaging with olive oil or a moisturiser, your skin looks too oily. That is where makeup plays an important role. You can hide the flaws of your face by applying makeup. However, if you have dry skin, even makeup products like foundation or compact can make your skin look drier. So, if you have dry skin and want to mastery in makeup, here are few tips for you.

Makeup tips for women with dry skin:

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Wash your face: This is one makeup tip that is applicable for all types of skin. Women with dry skin or oily skin should wash their face before applying and after removing makeup. Washing the face before makeup removes dirt form the skin. Whereas, removing the makeup before going to bed helps the skin cells breathe. Harsh chemicals from cosmetic products can damage the skin.

Cleansing: 10-20 minutes before applying makeup, cleanse with a cleansing milk. This will remove dirt, dead skin cells and also moisturise the skin. Wash with cold water and gently pat dry. Leave the skin for sometime and then apply makeup. You can also moisturise after cleansing. You skin will look moisturised and not dry.

Blend foundation with moisturiser: This is one of the makeup tips that can help you fight your dry skin. As it is winter, your skin will look more pale and dry. Thus, before applying liquid foundation, make sure you add few drops of moisturiserto the foundation. If you have already applied cleansing milk and it works, do not add too many drops of moisturiser in foundation.

Creamy concealers are a no-no: Creamy concealers do not suit dry skin. So, if you want to hide the blemishes, dark spots or acne form the skin, you can select a concealer that is lighter than the foundation.

Creamy blush over gels: Instead of applying gel before applying makeup, just use a creamy blush. With light strokes, apply a creamy blush on the cheeks.

Do not over-do makeup: When you know your skin is dry, it is best to avoid powder and compact. These makeup products can make your skin look more flaky. Always try minimal makeup if the moisturiser doesn't work wonders!

These are few makeup tips for women who have dry skin. Do you have more tips for others? Do share with us.

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