Make Up To Easily Hide Tan Skin!

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Make Up Hide Sun Tan
Skin tan can ruin the look. Just to hide those tan lines on the skin, you avoid wearing sleeveless or tube tops. All sunscreens are rays protective but not that effective to completely save the skin from tanning. Don't stop wearing what you like. Here are few makeup tips and tricks to hide tan lines on the skin.

Make up tips and tricks to hide sun tan:

1. Always cleanse the skin with a toner before applying make up. Dab toner in a cotton ball and rub on the skin and neck.

2. Tan skin can be best flaunted with golden or bronze make up. Apply a foundation which is lighter than the skin tone. For an evening look, apply little more foundation.

3. Concealers are one of the best make up tips to hide any spot on the face. Simply hide sun tan lines by applying concealer on the skin.

4. Thick make up is best to hide tan lines in minutes. Apply a liquid concealer to get the best effect.

5. Rub concealer on the tan lines and let it blend with the foundation. Apply more if required. Follow up with a compact.

6. Bronze blush is a simple make up tip or a trick to hide tanning easily. With a brush, apply bronze blush on the face, neck and shoulders.

7. Light shimmer bronze blush can also be used to get the chic look. For a lasting effect, use a translucent powder after applying the blush.

8. For an evening look, you can go for golden shimmer blush. Even brown blush can look great on tan skin.

Follow these make up tips and tricks to easily hide tanning.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 10:34 [IST]
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