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Top 14 Hair Growth Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making RN!

Hair growth journey is never easy. From hair loss scares to stunted hair growth, there are many hurdles to cross. At some point, you have done everything in your power to get long and beautiful hair but the results are disappointing. There is no doubt that hair growth is a relatively slow process and rate of hair growth varies from individual to individual and there are factors such as environmental agents, genetics and your diet that influence the hair growth.

But there are certain unintentional mistakes that damage your hair and stop your hair growth. If you are frustrated with your stunted hair growth, these mistakes might be the reason. So, go through these to check if you are making these hair growth mistakes and probably correct them before it's too late.


Overuse Of Heat-styling Products

Most of us tend to use the heat-styling tools like flat iron, straightener and hair dryer almost everyday to style our hair. These heat-styling products might save you some time and effort, but eventually it starts to wear your hair down. Excessive heat leads to split ends and rough hair. The damage caused by the blow of hot air of your dryer on wet hair is another ballgame altogether. So, if you want to grow your hair, limit the use of heat-styling tools.



Many of us have the habit of washing our hair everyday. Now we get that it feels great after a relaxing hair wash, but it is also important to keep your hair moisturised. Washing the hair everyday or every alternate day strips the moisture of the scalp, leaving your hair dry and prone to damaged. The damaged hair are less likely to show hair growth. It is better to stick to washing your hair 2-3 times a week with a gap of at least 2 days.


Washing Your Hair The Wrong Way

We often neglect the importance of washing hair the right way. Because yes there is a right way to wash your hair. It is not only how much you wash your hair but also how you wash your hair that determines your hair health and growth.

If you scrubbing your scalp too harshly or use too hot water to wash your hair, you are damaging your hair follicles. And without healthy hair follicles, your hair won't grow.

To wash you hair the right way, dilute your shampoo with some water before applying it to your scalp. Massage the scalp gently for a minute or so before washing it off with either lukewarm or cold water.


Using Wrong shampoo

Switching your shampoos constantly does not guarantee a good wash. The reason your hair isn't growing might be because you have been using the wrong shampoo. Shampoo contains chemicals and when these chemicals build up on the scalp, it can clog the hair follicles anc cut the nutrient-soaking ability of your scalp thereby hindering hair growth.

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Combing Your Hair Too Much

We have this misconception that the more we comb the hair, the less it will be tangled, and it will trigger hair growth. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. If you comb your hair too much, you run the risk of weakening the hair roots and we all know weak hair roots never did any good to promote hair growth.


Putting On Conditioner OnThe Scalp

The conditioner keeps our hair soft and smooth. But, it also contains a ton of chemicals that when applied directly to the scalp can weaken the hair roots. If you are applying conditioner to the scalp, you need to stop immediately. The rule with applying conditioner is to keep it down from the nape of the neck to the ends.


Going Nuts While Detangling the knots

We all know the struggle of detangling the hair. The frustration of the comb getting stuck in your morning hair can make anyone loose their patience and so we go hard on the hair. We pull and we tug not caring how much pressure we are applying to the roots and damaging our hair. Learn to be gentle and patient with your tangled hair. The better you treat your hair, the better results you have.


Using The Wrong Comb

While we are on the subject of detangling, which comb do you use to detangle you hair? Yes, it matters. We do not put much thought into the comb we are using. That's a mistake that we are going pay hard for. For instance, if you use a fine-toothed comb for detangling your hair, it will damage your hair and break it from the middle or worse-from the roots. Using a wrong comb on the hair can also lead to split ends. See, how a silly mistake can cost you tons!

So, use a comb that is appropriate your hair. Wide-toothed comb for detangling your hair. If yo have thin and fine-textured hair, a wooden calm will come in handy.


Combing Wet Hair

Do you comb your wet hair too? Don't do it. Why you ask? Well, have you ever noticed that your wet hair seems to come off more? Yes, that's what we are talking about. By combing wet hair you are just pulling it off from the roots. When you hair is wet the pores on your scalp are wide and thus your hair are more prone to damage. It is best that you leave your wet hair alone and comb it when your hair is completely dry.


Rigourous Towel Drying

Most of us have the habit of drying the shit out of our hair with towel as soon as we step out of the shower This innocent habit is costing you more than you think. As we mentioned, wet hair are prone to damage and breakage and when you rub them rigourously, you not only damage your hair but also tangle them. The process of detangling is again hard on your hair.


Avoiding hair cut

When we are in the process of growing our hair, we avoid haircuts like a plague! That's because of the notion that if we cut our hair we are chopping off the length and hence doing opposite of what we intend. Well, this seems logical until you think about your damaged ends that are the major reason for your stunted hair growth.

Split ends are a common hair issue and the reason that your hair stops growing after a certain length. Regular trimming is important to chop off the split and damaged ends, and aid the process of hear growth. So, do not shy away from a little hair cut every couple of months.

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Super-Tight Hairstyles

A high ponytail is a quick way to enhance your look and so we do not think twice before styling our hair in a sleek and high ponytail. However, tight ponytails you flaunt frequently might be the reason for your stunted hair growth. The same goes for a tight bun.

When you pull your hair in a super-tight hairstyle, you are tugging on your hair and that weakens the hair roots. Weak hair roots would ever give you long and strong hair. So, give you hair a break and swap your hairstyle with one that is more gentle on your hair roots.


Colouring The Hair

Colouring your tresses in different styles and colours has become a huge trend today. From highlights to global colour to streaks, there are tons of options to tempt you. These hair colours contains chemicals that are harsh on the hair, especially if you are bleaching your hair to go a shade lighter. The chemicals in the hair colours can strip all the moisture and life out of your hair leaving them dry, damaged and flat. If you want to grow your hair, forget about colouring your hair. Even if you do it, don't overcolour the hair. You should only colour your hair once in six months. And always go to a professional to get your hair done. The DIY instant hair colours that grace the shelves of your supermarket are extremely damaging. You don't want to expose your hair to them, trust us!


Crash Dieting

We have covered all the external mistakes that you might be making. But, what about your diet? Your diet plays a major role in determining the health of your hair. If you have a healthy diet filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, you hair will bloom. However, if you go for extreme diet plans, your hair won't get the nutrients that it needs and there would be no hair growth. So, what you eat also matters. Include a ton of antioxidants, green vegetables and fruits in your diet and see the change in the health of your hair.

Story first published: Friday, August 14, 2020, 11:32 [IST]