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9 Best Haircare Tips To Protect Your Hair This Monsoon

The season of rain and moisture bring with it a lot of hair issues. The constant moisture in the air makes your hair roots sensitive and thus your hair is more prone to damage.

The rainy season, therefore, is the season in which your hair needs more attention and care. If not taken care of properly, the rainy season makes a recipe for disaster for your hair.

With that in mind, here are certain tips that work and will help you enjoy this monsoon without having to worry about your hair. Check these out!

1. Keep Your Hair Dry

In the season of moisture, it is very important to keep your hair dry. Whether it's after a hair wash or after getting drenched in a rain shower, it is important to dry your hair. The constant moisture can lead to various scalp and hair issues.

So, never let your hair stay wet this monsoon season.

2. Try Hair Oil Massage For Itchy Scalp

A quite common hair issue during the monsoon season is an itchy scalp. An itchy scalp can be irritating and makes us uncomfortable. A great way to get rid of an itchy scalp is a refreshing hot oil massage. Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil the night before you wash your hair or at least an hour before hair wash. A coconut oil massage will not only relieve the itchiness and irritation on the scalp, but it also promotes hair growth and prevents hair damage.

3. Follow Regular Shampoo Routine

Do you take long gaps in between your hair wash? Well, not this monsoon season. An ideal shampoo routine during the monsoon season is washing your hair twice a week with an interval of 2-3 days in between. This will cleanse your hair and make sure that your hair is not wet frequently. Hence, a win-win situation.

Additionally, if you get wet in a rain shower, make sure to properly shampoo your hair and dry them afterwards. Don't let your hair remain wet for a long time.

4. Don't Skip Conditioner

Are you someone who doesn't have the habit of using a conditioner post shampoo? Well, to protect your hair this monsoon season, you need to change that. A conditioner, as the name suggests, conditions your hair. It forms a protective layer on your hair besides making it soft and smooth.

Also, you can also go for leave-in conditioners. These don't need to be rinsed off and do a better job of protecting your hair in the rainy season.

5. Use A Wide Tooth Comb

Okay, we know this might sound weird but it isn't. A fine tooth comb will tug on your hair and can cause more hair damage. Due to the constant moisture, your roots are sensitive and hence the damage caused is more.

A better solution to this would be to use a wide tooth comb. This is comparatively gentle on your hair and won't tug on your hair much. So, invest in a wide-toothed comb and remember not to comb wet hair. Let you hair dry properly before combing through them.

6. Don't Tie Wet Hair

This is a mistake we do often and one which we need to rectify immediately. Tying wet hair not only makes your hair prone to damage but it also leads to other hair issues like hair fall, dandruff etc.

Let your hair dry completely or at least partially before you tie it. Also, when tying partially dried hair, tie them loosely and don't pull your hair much.

7. Go Natural

Using natural products might just be the best thing that you can do to protect your hair. You can either buy organic products which have the least amount of chemicals or you can go for home remedies that nourish your hair without causing any damage at all.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, lemon, reetha, shikakai etc. can be used to whip up home remedies that are nourishing and these protect your hair in the best way possible.

8. Follow A Healthy Diet

A very important and neglected factor when it comes to taking care of your hair is your diet. A healthy diet reflects on your hair. With proper intake of essential nutrients, the hair health improves and the hair becomes less prone to damage.

So, pay attention to what you eat during the day and see the change that it makes to your hair. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein-rich food. Avoid oily and high-sugar food.

9. Protect Your Hair From The Rain

As much as rain fascinates you, getting drenched in it might not be the best for your hair health. Protect your hair from the rain as much as you can. Invest in a water-proof hoodie or cap to protect your hair from getting drenched. The rainy season is quite unpredictable so it's better to keep an umbrella with you all the time. And to emphasise it more, if by any chance you do get drenched, make sure you shampoo your hair as soon as you can and dry them properly.

That's all folks! Pay attention to these details and you never have to worry about the monsoon season damaging your hair. Happy monsoon!

Story first published: Saturday, June 22, 2019, 12:30 [IST]
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