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Simple Volume-building Tricks For Flat Hair

By Lekhaka

Not having enough volume when it comes to your hair can be a bit of a problem, especially when there are all these fancy new hairstyles you'd want to try out but your hair insists on sticking flat to your forehead, and refuses to cooperate.

Flat hair is essentially greasy hair, with hyperactive sebaceous glands. Hair of this sort often droops down under its own weight, and needs to be shampooed frequently with a volumizing shampoo, to avoid any oil build-up.

 How To Add Volume To Flat Hair?

Building volume isn't much of a problem and here are five fabulous ways that show you how to do it easily right at home:

Change The Way You Part Your Hair: It often happens that you tend to wear your hair in a particular style and allow it to adhere to its natural parting, which may be across the center or in some cases, along the side.

This causes your hair to eventually get plastered down the sides of your skull. Your hair loses its bounce and vitality and settles down comfortably along the sides of your head, as years go by.

A great way to infuse large doses of volume into your hair is to simply change the way you part your hair. Parting it sideways is a good idea, but you could try other styles that complement you as well.

Sleep With A Plait Or A Hair Bun: Put that scrunchie to good use, and tie your hair up when you go to bed. Pick a scrunchie that isn't too tight, or you'll tug at your roots and may be even damage them. Tie your hair up when it's slightly damp, and plait it or roll it up into a bun. And voilà, the next morning you'll have a head full of glorious volume!

Blow-dry Your Hair Backwards: A fabulous way to add instant volume to your look is to bend down, throw your hair over head and blow dry your hair from back to front. Use a good paddle brush to do this, and pay attention to the roots. You could also add some baby powder to your roots, which would dry out the grease and keep your hair voluminous for longer.

Spray On At Your Hair Roots: Brushing your hair out and spraying a quality hair spray along the roots really helps build volume. Your hair gains a life and bounce it never had before. You can also use a good hair mousse along with the spray to keep your hair at its voluminous best; or stick to either one.

Use A Curling Iron: A curling iron is a sure-fire way to add instant volume to limp, flat hair. Twist your hair up into sections and secure each section with a clip. You should have about six sections of hair - approximately three on either side.

Now, gently pass each section through the curling iron, beginning with the lower sections of hair. Finally, pass the upper sections of hair through the curling iron. You'll have at least five times more volume than you did earlier.

It isn't very difficult to add volume to limp hair; shampoo often, never condition too close to the roots, pick a hairstyle that suits you and don't be ashamed to tie up your hair on the days when your hair is too greasy.

Also, follow these five mantras for building hair volume, and you'll have no problem in that department whatsoever.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 27, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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