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How To Get Tangle-Free Hair?

Every girl wants a soft and smooth mane that is also manageable. But often, tangles come in the way of that. We will tell you how you can avoid tangles in your hair easily.

One of the main causes of tangles is obviously not combing your hair properly. A lot of girls forget to comb their hair, but this can lead to a lot of problems like tangles, which eventually leads to hair fall.

Dry hair has more of a tendency to get tangled up. So make sure that your hair is always well moisturised. A few of these tips would help your hair overall, even though the point is to have tangle-free hair.

Try these out and do let us know if it helped you achieve tangle-free hair!


1. Comb before shampoo:

Before you wash your hair, ease out all the tangles by combing it. Never comb your hair after you shampoo as this is when your hair shaft is the most sensitive and prone to falling and breaking.


2. Wash, but don’t over wash:

If you wash your hair too much, you would be stripping it off its natural oils, which would make it dry and damaged, and hence more prone to getting tangled up.


3. Get trims:

Get your hair trimmed regularly. Dead and damaged ends do form and end up ruining the overall lustre of your hair. Get trims done every six to seven weeks to keep your hair looking good.


4. Wide Toothed Combs:

Use wide toothed combs to ease out tangles easily. They cause the least amount of damage and hair fall while combing through tangles.


5. Deep Condition:

Use deep conditioning treatments like masks and hot oils to give your hair the moisture and nourishment it needs to prevent dryness.

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