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Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

By: Debdatta Mazumder

If you have Rapunzel-like hair, you are surely God gifted. Not every girl gets the knee-length hair that she desires as gift. But, what can be the reasons why your hair is not growing long enough?

Long hair looks amazing and you can go in for any hairstyle. Make a stylish bun or long-plaited braids, you will look absolutely gorgeous in them. You could also get hair length upto your shoulder, back or waist if you want.

So, what is the main reason for decreased hair growth? There are myriad of reasons and these not only prevent hair growth but also hamper the overall health of your hair.

For example, moisturising your hair boosts hair growth. Now, if you don't use oil and conditioner, your hair growth will be thwarted and you may also suffer from brittle hair and split ends.

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Therefore, taking a good care of your hair not only enhances your hair growth but also gives you strong and long hair.

If you don't know the reasons why your hair is not growing, you can't go for the actual remedy. There are lots of products available in the market that claim to assist in hair growth within a short period of time.

But, it is not magic. There are lots of home remedies as well, to boost up hair growth, like yogurt, egg, etc. But, nothing can do it overnight until you know the actual reasons why your hair is not growing.

To know why your hair is not growing, go through the following reasons as listed in this article.


1. Ill Eating Habit:

You may get surprised, but unhealthy eating habit can stop hair growth eventually. If you are not taking enough vitamins and a protein-rich diet, your scalp and hair will be deprived of essential nutrition. Crash diet may help you in losing weight, but it wreaks havoc on your hair growth.


2. Tension Buildup At The Root:

Why is your hair not growing? Do you follow too much of a tight hairstyle? Braiding or making buns too tightly can cause hair fall and also build tension at the roots, which might damage the ability of growing hair.


3. Overheating Your Hair:

This can be one of the vital reasons why your hair is not growing. Using excessive and repeated heat on your hair damages hair follicles and prevents hair growth. Use heat tools once a week to prevent further damage.


4. Lack Of Moisturisation:

Winter is an enemy of your hair, as this is the time your scalp and hair become drier. Lack of moisturiser makes your hair turn brittle and causes split ends and breakage, which ultimately causes lesser hair growth. Condition your hair after shampooing and also use olive or coconut oil.


5. Using Chemicals:

Using market-made serums, relaxers, etc., can hamper your hair growth, as these have chemicals in them. There are many products that contain sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide which are the most damaging ones as well.


6. Repeated Trims:

You may have heard that trimming your hair helps in hair growth. But, do you know this is one of the important reasons why your hair is not growing? Yes, too much of trimming the hair can hamper hair growth and leave you with shorter hair. Trim your hair in the gap of 6 months.


7. Not Taking Vitamins:

If you are facing hair fall and hampered hair growth, consult a doctor. Maybe you are lacking enough vitamins which are necessary for healthy and long hair. Maybe you need vitamin supplements. Therefore, by knowing the reasons why your hair is not growing, you can follow the correct treatment accordingly.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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