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Oiling Hair Everyday Is Good Or Bad?

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Haven't you heard that oiling your hair every day prevents pre-mature greying? Well, this good habit also promotes strong and healthy-looking hair.

So, does oiling the hair every day do good or bad? Of course, it does a lot of good. However, there is one disadvantage.

According to experts, if you oil your hair every day, you have to wash it every day as well! Allowing the oil to soak in your scalp will lead to major infections like dandruff and an itchy scalp. Therefore, washing off the excess oil from the hair is necessary.

On the other hand, using shampoo in your hair every day to remove the oil is not a healthy thing to do. Therefore, it is advisable not to use a shampoo or conditioner on your hair if you are willing to oil your hair every day.

Simply rinse the hair with some lukewarm water first and then massage the scalp well to remove the collected dirt and grime.

So, here are some of the beneficial reasons as to why you should oil your hair every day. You must take a look at why this habit is considered to be the best for your tresses:


Gets Rid Of A Dry Mane

Oiling your hair every day will promote a better-looking mane. Oil provides nourishment for dry hair, which is why this habit will get rid of your hair problem in no time.


You Will Achieve Smooth Hair

While applying the oil in your scalp, make sure to massage your scalp well. This massage can help generate better circulation and thus aid in making the hair smooth.


Acts Against Pollution

Did you know that oiling your mane every day can help to keep your hair healthy? The oil on the hair acts as a barrier to protect your hair from the pollution, dirt, dust and the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.


Oil Fights Grey Hair

Regular application of oil helps the hair from premature greying. It also makes weak hair strong. Therefore, spend at least 10 minutes of your time every day in applying oil to your hair.


Prevents Dandruff

The major cause of hair fall is dandruff. To stop hair fall, you need to first treat dandruff; and the only way to get rid of dandruff is to treat the itchy scalp. Oil is the best solution for an itchy scalp, so if your scalp is dry, oil it every day.


Gives Your Hair Protein

Hair oil, like castor oil, almond oil and olive oil, helps to regain the old strength of the protein in the hair. Therefore, oiling your hair every day is very beneficial.


Promotes Hair Growth

The main reason why experts suggest you oil your hair every day is because oiling strengthens the roots, which automatically leads to a healthy hair growth.

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