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How To Prevent Your Hair From Getting Tangled

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Tangles in your hair can bring with it a host of other problems like hair fall, breakage and what not. So, why not get to the 'root' of the problem? We will be telling you on how you can prevent your hair from getting tangled.

Long hair, especially if it is wavy, tends to get tangled up easily. This happens because of the wind, and due to travelling and even at night while we are sleeping. And often, the attempt to get rid of those tangles can actually hamper the hair even more.

The hair is already very susceptible to damage, and all that tugging and pulling can actually make it break or fall, or even form into split ends. Therefore, it is really important to avoid tangles all together.

Contrary to the popular belief, it is indeed not impossible to avoid tangles. A few very basic tips need to be followed and we are sure you would be free of tangles forever.

So get ready to rock your mane the way it was supposed to be rocked and have a look at these tips on how to prevent hair tangles!

1. Comb Before Washing: Always comb your hair before you wash it. This makes sure you get rid of the tangles and that washing does not cause much of hair fall. Also, combing after you wash your hair can cause even more hair fall.

how to prevent hair tangles

2. Oil Treatments: Dry hair tends to get tangled a lot more than oily hair does. Ensure that your hair is always well moisturised to avoid tangles.

how to prevent hair tangles

3. Comb And Don't Brush: Use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush. Combs help separate every strand of hair from the other type, which helps prevent tangles.

how to prevent hair tangles

4. Avoid Buns: Yes, we know that the beloved messy bun is a favourite, but in order to avoid tangles, you must not tie your hair up in a bun. Instead, go for a loose ponytail.

how to prevent hair tangles

5. Avoid Tying A Towel: Right after you wash your hair, avoid tying it all up in a towel. This helps prevent tangles when the hair is dry.

how to prevent hair tangles

6. Ponytail: Tie your hair into a ponytail or a braid before you go to sleep. This helps prevent tangles and helps you wake up with smooth hair.

how to prevent hair tangles

7. Cold Water Rinse: Start using cold water to wash your hair, rather than using hot or lukewarm water, to avoid your hair from getting tangled. This tip on how to prevent hair tangles even helps your dry hair turn sleek.

how to prevent hair tangles
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