Five-Minute Hairstyles You Have Got To Try!

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We all want to try out the funkiest and best hairstyles without investing too much time on them. These hairstyles, which we have listed below, would all take only 5 minutes of your time or even less and look amazing at the same time.

After all, no one really likes to go on having the same hairstyle every day, right? And we all also want to save up on time. Now, no one really wants to go to the parlor and spend a whole lot of money on the everyday, basic hairstyles.

That's why we've brought to you these 5-minute hairstyles to try! These fun hairstyles are easy to do and wouldn't take too much time out of your hands. They also look really professional, so it'd look like you've actually spent hours doing your hair.

So, try out these best 5-minute hairstyles and add an instant kick to your everyday look, without wasting too much money or taking a lot of effort.

And, of course, it's a lot more fun to try something new sometimes instead of the same old ponytails and hair-let-down kind of hairstyles. Here are the 5-minute hairstyles you can try.

1. This twisted bun is so classy and would take such little time and effort of yours. This look would be best for people with straight hair, or if you've straightened your hair.

5-minute hairstyles to try

2. This is a braid and ponytail all together that leaves ample amount of hair down. It is an easy hairstyle for college-going girls to master, or even if you're wearing casual clothes and want your hair to look elegant.

5-minute hairstyles to try

3. This bun is easy to do, neat and would keep the hair out of your face. And, of course, you can do it in five minutes or less. This is the easiest hairstyle to try in 5 minutes!

5-minute hairstyles to try

4. This cute hair band bun is so simple that you'd be surprised you actually did it in 5 minutes! You just have to slide all of your hair under the hair band and you're done.

5-minute hairstyles to try

5. This one is a basic messy bun and is really simple to do. Messy buns are easy and look great with all types of clothes.

5-minute hairstyles to try

6. This thick braid is perfect for days when you want to look neat and mature and would want a 5-minute hairstyle to try. Braids add a very grown-up touch to the face as well.

5-minute hairstyles to try

7. And lastly, this sleek loose pony is the best 5-minute hairstyle to try. It is easy to do and looks so very neat.

5-minute hairstyles to try
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Story first published: Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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