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Best Remedies For Hair Breakage

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Hair breakage is one of the most common problems that is faced by almost everyone these days. The reasons for hair breakage could be an excessive use of heated tools, an improper nutrition, use of harsh chemicals, exposure to dust and UV rays.

Hair breakage can be stopped by adding more foods that are rich in proteins. Lack of nutrition also leads to hair breakage.

Apart from that, topical application of certain homemade masks also helps to maintain a healthy mane. If you regularly follow these treatments, you can keep hair breakage issue away.

Hair breakage can be treated at home easily. Following certain simple measures and using certain packs can combat hair breakage and provide a healthy, lustrous and strong hair.

These remedies are cost-effective and also they are harmless on the hair. One can use these hair packs once in a week for best results. Ingredients like eggs, olive oil and mayonnaise work great in nourishing the hair.

Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the best remedies to get rid of hair breakage issue. Read on to know more about it.


Egg Mask

Eggs work great in nourishing the hair. When they are combined with other healthy ingredients, they work great. Add a few drops of essential oil to egg white and mix it with plain curds. Apply it on the scalp, leave it for sometime and rinse.


Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massages are one of the best remedies to do away with hair breakage. Hot oil massages are best in repairing the damage and moisturising the hair, eventually stopping the hair from getting damaged.


Olive, Mayonnaise And Vinegar:

Mayonnaise works great on the hair. Make a mixture of mayonnaise, olive oil and vinegar. Apply this mask all over the scalp. Leave it on for sometime and rinse it off. This mask strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair breakage.


Baking Soda:

Baking soda can also be used for hair care purposes. Dilute a cup of baking soda with honey and water. Apply this mask on to the scalp. Leave it on for sometime and later rinse it off. This mask helps to clean the scalp thoroughly. Dirty scalp is also one of the reasons for hair breakage


Onion Juice

Onion juice is another effective remedy to treat hair problems. The rich sulphur content present in it helps to get rid of the dandruff and makes the hair strands stay healthy. It also strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair breakage.


Vitamin E

Nothing works better than vitamin E for the skin and hair. Break two vitamin E capsules. Mix them with your regular shampoo. Wash your hair with this mixture regularly, as it prevents hair breakage.

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Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2016, 11:25 [IST]
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