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10 Super Cute Ways To Style Wet Hair For Work

There comes a time when most of us are busy in the morning to pull out that dryer for our wet tresses. Therefore, the only time on our hands is to wrap our hair into a bun hairstyle or braid it with style. There are simple and cute ways to style wet hair and Boldsky shares with some of these less time consuming tricks you can make use of.

For the working class women, the quickest way to style wet hair is to leave it over the shoulders! However, if you want to make a statement and still look hot in the morning for work, styling your wet hair after a bath is a must. But, when you do style your hair make sure you have a natural leave in conditioner so that it helps protect your wet strands from breaking.


On the other hand, experts advice to not style wet hair on a regular basis as it promotes hair fall and dandruff since the scalp remains wet. These cute ways to style your wet hair needs to be used at a time when you are in a real hurry.

Take a look at these breath-taking styles:


The Loose Bun

The only advantage to this loose bun hairstyle for wet hair is that the loose twists will make for a faster air-dry time and give you messy waves as soon as you leave it open. This is one of the cutest wet hairstyles to try this morning.


Try The French Braid

Though you may not have time to blow your dry, make time to at least french braid your locks. Wet hair will be limp and lifeless, so to make use of that create the illusion of volume in the form of braiding your hair.


Focus On The Crown

The crown of your head is always the first to dry up and frizz. To take care of this wet look, focus on the sides of your face along with the crown. Therefore, try this easy crown braid.


The Dutch Braid

The cutest wet hairstyles to try out this morning is the dutch braid bun look. You can add a boost of colour to your hair with the help of a hair band


Tried The Sleek Look

No one is really comfortable with a sleek look. However, there are some quick ways to style wet hair with this sleek look in fashion.


Twin Braids

This cute way to style your wet hair will leave you nostalgic. The twin hair braids is easy too and can be worn with a pair of denims and a cute tee


Braided Side Bun

Create a deep side part. Then begin creating an inside out French braid on the opposite side of your hair. As you slowly begin to do so gather all the hair and turn it into a fine bun. This wet hairstyle goes well with anyone.


Coloured Head Bands

The best way to style wet hair in the morning is to simply wear a head band with your hair pushed back . You can try a younger style by drawing in your locks and resting it over the shoulders.


Low Ponytail!

Bring your hair together and simply wear a low ponytail. This will not only allow your hair to dry faster and naturally but will also make you look cute and appealing.


Don't Forget To Fish It Out!

The fish tail braid is another cute wet hairstyle to try out if you have the time on your hands. This wet hairstyle for work is apt and professional too ( causal Friday)

Story first published: Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 7:03 [IST]
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