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    6 Things To Do To Your Hair Before Sleeping


    Before you go to sleep at night, there are six rules to follow when it comes to your hair. Today, Boldsky shares with you these precious six rules which you need to make note of if you want your hair to stay healthy and thick. The hair on your head makes you feel beautiful and enhances your looks, so why not make full advantage of these hair care tips.

    Models today feel that without protecting their hair, they are next to nothing. When you are young, looking after those tresses should be an ideal part of your life. It is also said that too much attention given to one's locks may increase hair problems. Therefore, everything in abundance is not good to follow.

    6 Things To Do To Your Hair Before Sleeping

    To look after your beautiful hair, here are six things you should do before sleeping. Take a look.


    • Leave Your Hair Loose - If you tie your hair everyday, make it a point to leave your hair loose after you are done with the day. leaving your hair open will allow your scalp to breathe and also keep your hair looking fresh. This is a basic hair care tip to follow before sleeping.
    • Comb Your Hair - Comb your tresses before you sleep. It is important that you follow this step as combing helps to improve the blood circulation. Combing your hair also makes your hair grow faster, according to experts.
    Hair Care Tips Before Sleeping | Hair Care Tips For Growth | Before Sleeping Tips
    • Massage Your Scalp - The most important hair care tip to follow before sleeping is to massage the scalp of your hair. This too helps to increase blood circulation. This hair care tip also removes stress and headaches, so it is a must try.
    • Apply A Little Oil To The Scalp - Apply a little oil to your scalp. This will make your head feel cool in summer. It will also prevent your hair from feeling dry and itchy.
    hair care for better growth
    • Cut Those Splits - If you are prone to getting a lot of split ends, use some time alone with your hair to remove the splits. This is another crucial step in looking after your hair before going to sleep.
    • Braid The Tresses - Braiding your tresses before you sleep helps the hair to grow longer quicker at the same time thicker. Following this hair care tip before sleeping is vital.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 16, 2015, 23:39 [IST]
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