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Scalp Pain Due To Ponytail

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Carrying a ponytail is funky, looks chic and stylish too! A ponytail is comfortable and considered good for the hair. From medium to high ponytails, this hairstyle is really trending this summer. It is good and comfortable too! You not only protect your hair from sweat and harmful UV rays of the sun, but also look stylish in the hairdo.

A high ponytail can sometimes cause pain. After opening the ponytail, your scalp will become tender and pain a lot. This is a common scalp problem that happens due to mistakes that affect the hair roots and scalp. Check out what causes scalp pain after opening a ponytail and its cure.

Causes and cure for scalp pain due to ponytail:

Scalp Pain Due To Ponytail

Tight Ponytail: If you tie a tight ponytail, it pulls the hair and causes a stretch in the scalp. You should never tie your hair too tight. It can also lead to hair loss and soreness of the scalp. A tight ponytail looks nice but make sure it is not too tight and pulls your scalp or hair strands. If this is the case, loosen the ponytail holder a little.

Dry Scalp: Dry scalp also causes a stretch after tying a ponytail. So, if your scalp is dry and paining after opening the high ponytail, apply oil on the scalp immediately. It provides instant relief. Sometimes, ponytail can also cause headache. So, a hair oil massage is good and also relaxing.

Ponytail Holder: Which holder are you using to tie the ponytail? If it is a rubber band or a metal with elastic holder, then throw them right away. They pull the hair, damages it and causes scalp pain. Use a ponytail holder or hair band that is easy to open and doesn't even pull hair. Silk holder or hair scrunchies are soft and easy to open.

Dry & Frizzy Hair: They not only damages the hairdo but also causes pain in the scalp. If you have dry hair, the ponytail holder will pull it easily and cause discomfort. Use natural moisturisers like curd and vinegar to soften and make the hair manageable.

These are few causes and cure for scalp pain that occur after you open a ponytail. Do you know other remedies for scalp soreness and pain? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 18, 2013, 2:27 [IST]
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