Best Oils To Darken Hair

By: Tara Hari
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Hair is made up of protein and gets its natural pigmentation because of the presence of a pigment called melanin. It is chemically impossible to make melanin colourless. One of the main reasons why hair loses its colour is due to constant exposure to the harsh sun.

The harmful rays of the sun can bleach your hair and strip it of its melanin pigments. This causes the hair to assume a faded colour and texture. Another reason for loss of hair colour is the process of greying. But greying is not a phenomenon restricted only to the middle aged. Even youngsters have started getting affected by premature graying these days.

Best Oils To Darken Hair

We can try to retain the natural colour of our hair by using oils that can darken the colour of your hair. Given below are a few oils that can darken your hair with consistent and regular use.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is one of the best oils that can be used to combat almost all hair problems. It is also an oil that darkens your hair. Castor oil is excellent for protecting your hair from all the factors that would adversely damage it. It can be used to protect your hair from sun damage and loss of colour. If you regularly treat your hair with castor oil, it will cause your hair to darken. It also causes new hair to grow which will be of a darker shade.

Henna and Coconut Oil
Henna when used with coconut oil is an excellent way to darken your hair. You can boil henna leaves and strain the water out. Mix this with coconut oil and store in a cool location. Regular application of this oil will darken the colour of your hair, although your hair will acquire a reddish hue. Coconut oil is also good for darkening the colour of your hair and making it lustrous and healthy.

Mustard Oil
Since mustard oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it gives intensive nourishment to the hair and aids in hair growth. It also keeps the hair healthy and protected. But mustard oil is also used to darken the colour of the hair. Regular use of mustard oil leaves you with thicker, stronger and darker hair.

Hibiscus Oil
Regular use of hibiscus oil on hair is the reason most Indian women have gorgeously black, flowing hair. Hibiscus oil is one of the best oil that darkens hair. The main reason why people use hibiscus oil is to darken their hair. When your hair becomes a brownish or reddish colour due to prolonged exposure to the sun, use hibiscus oil to regain the lustrous black shade of your hair.

These are some of the oils that darken hair with regular use. Have you started using any of these?

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