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Natural Ways To Grow Facial Hair Fast!

By Gunjan Massey

Facial hair is defined as a secondary sex character of men. It generally starts to grow during late puberty or early adolescence period. By the time a man reaches an age of 17 or 21, he has a fully grown facial hair, but this may also vary considerably from one man to another, and sometimes even boys aged 11 years get well grown facial hairs.

With the latest innovations made by the medical science, now growing facial hair artificially is highly possible and people who often feel inferior due to the lack of a proper beard can now actually breathe easy. Here are some of the most popular and effective methods of growing facial hair. You can always opt for these natural ways to grow facial hair fast.

Natural ways to grow facial hair faster:

Rogiane: Which is also often called as Minoxidil is actually a medicine that is known for its ability to increase hair growth. This particular drug is available over the counter and can also be bought without a prescription from a medical practitioner. Rogiane is available as foam that is applied directly on the areas where facial hair is grown. Apply it and leave for minimum four hours. With hypersensitive skin, the medicine can have certain negative side effects like itching and irritation, so test on a small region before.

Clean your face: Keeping your face clean from the dust and tan regularly can also be helpful to improve the growth of natural facial hair in men. Sometimes due to frequent shaving some itchy rashes can also develop along with the new facial hairs. In order to prevent this, you can always use some dandruff shampoos on your beard two to three times a week or use diluted lemon extract for maximum relief.

Biotin: Biotin or Vitamin B7 also helps in the growth of facial hair. Raw egg yolk is a great source of natural biotin and for many experts, a combination of Rogiane and Biotin can often have miraculous results.

You can always try these natural ways to grow facial hair fast.

Story first published: Sunday, April 14, 2013, 9:08 [IST]
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