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What Makes Your Hair Oily?

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Now this is a question that many girls ask themselves. Before going to the solution for oily hair, you must first know what is causing it? Get to the cause first and then you can easily find the remedy to an oily hair too. Here are some of the reasons behind oily hair problems.

Oily Hair

Oil Glands- One of the most important factors behind oily hair is the over production of oily the glands in the human body. This substance is known as sebum. When this sebum is produced in excess amount then it makes our scalp and hair oily. There is very little that you can do to deal with such problems as they are completely biological. But, you can shampoo your hair on alternate days to keep off the extra oil.

Hands- Many of us foster a bad habit to pamper our hair with our hands many times a day. This leads to multiple hair problems like hairfall and oily hair. You barely can remember when you had your food or caught hold of something oily. And you chance to rub the same hand on your hair. This makes the hair oily. So, try to keep your hands off your hair as much as possible.

Food- Food is another important factor that often leads to the oil formation on our scalp. If we eat food that is too high in its oil content then our body in a natural way gives out the excess amount. This gets accumulated in the different parts of our body including our scalp. This also leads to oily hair problems. So, to deal with it in an effective manner control your diet and try to exclude oily substances from our diet. This trick will work better than a hair mask or shampoo.

Dirt- Many a times due to pollution, dirt gets accumulated in between the hair strands and scalp. This make our hair sticky and we tend to confuse it with oil on our hair. The best way to deal with this is shampooing your hair every day or on alternate days.

Smoke Emissions- The smoke emissions from the vehicles contain certain percentage of vaporised oil in them. Due to excessive pollution they stick to our hair strands and scalp and tend to make them oily. Get rid of it by using a mild herbal shampoo on a regular basis.

It is also advisable to go for a natural hair pack one a week to get rid of oily or greasy hair more effectively.

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