Why You Should Not Blow Dry Your Hair?

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Most of us prefer to blow dry our hair as one of the easiest and fastest ways to dry it. We prefer to blow dry our hair because in the rush of our daily lives it becomes tough to leave it open to dry on its own self. But, the natural way is always the best one. Blow drying your hair on a regular basis may have a multiple side-effects on your hair. Let us take a sneak peak into the various reasons as to why you should not blow dry your hair.

Damages Hair Cuticle- While you blow dry your hair you are applying extra heat and air pressure on them to dry it. This damages the hair cuticles. The damage may be permanent or temporary depending on the period of usage. The damages of the hair cuticle might been permanent if you have been blow drying since a long time.

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Hair Fall- Did you know that one of the reasons for hair fall might just be the habit to blow dry your hair after a bath. Excessive heat of the blow drier causes the hair pores to open up. This is one of the major reasons of hair fall. Also dirt and other impurities get clogged in the hair pores leading to frequent hair fall and damage.

Dry Hair- While you blow dry your hair, the heat of the blow drier sucks up all moisture and nourishment from the hair. The hair becomes dry and lifeless. This makes you look dull. So, why not shed this habit and get into the old practice of leaving your hair to dry on its own.

Split Ends- The damage that blow drying causes to your hair is simply unimaginable. To save a few minutes you finally end up losing the good texture of your hair. Sometimes too much of blow drying even damages the inner layers of the hair. Unprotected heating leads to split ends. Hence to prevent hair damage, it is always better to apply a thermal protector before you take to blow drying your hair.

Loses Texture and Shape- If you blow dry your hair then you will find that after a certain period of time your hair will become dull and will lose its natural lustre. The outer layer of the hair also swells up leading to loss of proper shape of the hair. So, you see how your attempt to save a little time may damage your hair in more than one way.

Hence, is it not better not to use these artificial methods of drying hair? Give it some time and let your hair dry on its own. This will never damage your hair in any way.

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