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Add These Types Of Serums In Your Beauty Bouquet For Magical Changes On Hair & Skin

If you think serum is a mere hype in the beauty industry, then you are wrong. Adding serums to beauty care help benefit both the skin and hair. Of course, you need to be picky while buying a serum because, it has variety. Depending on the kind of skin or hair problem you are having, you have to pick your ideal serum and use it.

Composed principally of water, serum can be used along with a cream or moisturizer on the skin. In case of hair, it is better to apply serum directly on towel-dried hair. Another common concern is whether to apply serum at day or night.

types of serums

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Well, the answer is, it is completely your choice. Now, as you have learned the very basics of what a serum is, here is presenting its different types. Find out the exact problem you want to eradicate, using the serum and then you can pick from the following.

Hair Damage Protection Serum

Damaged hair is a common problem, as the hair is constantly exposed to dust and dirt. Here comes the role of a hair damage protection serum that comes from different brands. Pick one and start applying on your wet hair, you will see the difference by the time your hair dries up. Pro-keratin content in these hair damage protection serums also helps the hair to retain its natural colour.

Vitalizing Serum For Hair Fall

If you are really tired of trying all means of hair fall protection like oil, shampoo and home remedies; then here is the last one that you can't miss out on trying - vitalizing serum for hair fall. These serums retain the vitality of the hair, balance the scalp oil, help improve blood circulation and clear clogged or blocked hair follicles. These will control your present problem of hair fall and also stimulate new hair growth.

Glowing Skin Serum

It is important to use a serum is your skin care routine because moisturizers or creams are too thick to penetrate into the deepest layer of your skin. Here comes the role of a serum whose extra liquid quotient allows it to reach the deepest of skin cells, nourishes them and also treats the damaged ones. If you specifically buy the glow serums, then they work on your skin complexion and make it bright.

Night Repair Serum

Skin care becomes most redundant during the night when you sleep. In that prolonged sleep span, skin cells get the highest time to react. So, right before sleep, a good night-repair serum on the face and skin prepares it for all night long. You can layer the serum beneath your night cream or apply a single coat of it all over your skin before sleeping.

Moisture Recharge Serum

On application, even if your moisturizer provides a soothing effect to the skin, in the long run, it does not provide the required moisture. So, to ensure that your skin is hydrated and gets its required amount of moisture, you should use a moisture recharge serum. This can be used after every fash wash and also as the base coat of your makeup. Application of moisture recharge serum provides a hydrated and healthy skin.

Ageless Lightening Serum

Ageing skin becomes soft and saggy and requires special care. Additional care to ageing skin keeps it firm and wrinkle free. The 'lightening' factor also works on the skin complexion. Ideal for 30+ women, this one should be applied once you see fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin. This makes the skin appear younger and fresh.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 3, 2017, 11:35 [IST]
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