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Expensive Spa Treatments That Are Worth The Money

An occasional and planned spa is rejuvenating and relaxing. Yet it becomes tough to decide on which spa to opt for at the salon, considering the hefty price tags they come along with. Though the big price assures a good body therapy - whether to opt for it or not is always a question from the client's end.

So that you don't spend hours thinking the worth of a spa's cost, here is a list of salon-based spa treatments that you can try that are worth spending on. These spa treatments along with refreshing your body will also offer health benefits.

expensive spa treatments
Different Types Of Spa Treatments | अलग-अलग स्पा थेरेपी के फायदे | Boldsky

Before heading to your nearest spa station, take a look at this list of expensive spa treatments that are worth spending on. After your first time, we bet, you will go back to experience the same again!

Hydrotherapy Massage

This is an underwater spa treatment in which from the start to end, you have to spend on a bath tub. The water of the tub is constantly altered into the fresh perfumed medicated version. Heat levels of the water are changed based on the need of your body, and relevant massage is done. The interesting part of the hydrotherapy massage is, the client never gets wet though there is water all around.

Dental Spa

If you think your dental problems are at a steep rise with pain, stink and so on, then how about a dental spa? Well, offered by professional dentists, this is an all day care of your tooth. From cleaning to polishing, the basic services are offered in a dental spa. In case you have a cavity in the tooth or any extensive tooth problem, then at the same time, medical advice is offered, so that your gum care is at its best by the time you get over with the experience.

De-Stress Spa

Well, one of the foremost reasons why clients head for a spa is to get de-stressed from the usual hecatombs of daily life. Here comes your option of a de-stress spa that usually comprises of a scrub, massage and body pack. The longer the time duration of a de-stress spa, the more is the associated price. In this, by the end of the experience, you are sure to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Fish Pedicure

Very commonly available in salons now, this is one of the expensive treatments. Going for this makes sense, as it cleanses the dead skin cells and corns of your feet. In the process, doctor fish is used which is very small in size and when it goes around your feet in the foot tub, it adds to the rejuvenating factor. The primary idea is that the fishes clear your dead skin cells of the feet, yet if you want something more than this, spa attendants also add pumice stone service to this.

Milk Spa

Like any other spa, here milk becomes the primary ingredient of the spa. Milk is used during scrubbing, massaging and also in the pack. Using milk instead of water as an ingredient adds to the feel-good factor and is beneficial for the body. When doing a milk spa, a considerable time must be included where you have to immerse yourself in a tub full of milk, referred to as a milk bath. This is indeed relaxing for the body.

Bootcamp Spa

Very new in trend, this one is a usual spa service along with physical workout. Spa should not be for relaxation alone. It should add a potential benefit to your body and thus along with the traditional spa services like facial, massage and so on, vigorous workout is also added to perfect the detoxication of the body at one shot. Bootcamp spa lasts more than one day and can extend up to a week.

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