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10 Signs Of Ageing Hands

By: Debdatta Mazumder

We give the best of all we have to our face like lotions, creams, anti-agers and numerous other products to prevent the skin from ageing and preserving its youth.

However, do we think about maintaining the youth of our hands as well? Apart from manicure and occasional moisturising, there is hardly anything we do to maintain the beauty of our hands.

But when people do start noticing the first signs of ageing hands, they begin to become conscious about it; but sadly, reversing this change is not so easy.

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Age can be hidden in a number of ways, but hands very often give it away. In fact, hands are usually the first where ageing signs begin to appear.

The reason why these signs of ageing hands start becoming visible so soon is because there is very less amount of fat at the back of our hands.

Thus, when due to sun exposure and various other reasons collagen begins to break, the ageing signs become easily noticeable to us.

A number of cosmetic treatments have been developed to take care of these signs of ageing hands.

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The skin on our hands ages faster than the other parts, and, hence, it is essential to understand what they are trying to tell before it’s too late.

Following are the 10 signs of ageing hands that need your attention instantly. Do go through it thoroughly.


1. Dark Sun Spots Or Liver Spots

Too much sun exposure causes the back of the hands to get dark spots, which eventually keep on increasing as you grow older. Prevention from sun is the best way to keep these spots from appearing. Never forget to leave sunscreen unapplied on to your hands.


2. Uneven Skin Tone

The rate at which the production of our skin cells takes place is reduced with age, leaving the skin with an uneven tone. Using products containing more of vitamin C will help solve this problem.


3. Prominent Veins

Collagen damage exposes the previously hidden veins and in turn turning them to be easily visible. Procedures like injectible fillers are adopted to fill out some tissue around the veins.


4. Crepey Skin

Exposure to UV light leads to collagen damage, thinning the skin, and ultimately resulting in the skin to appear crepey. Best way to avoid this is obviously sunscreen.


5. Scaly Skin

Ageing causes your skin to get dry and further become scaly. Constant moisturising and a proper hand care regimen will help you get rid of this problem.


6. Reduced Skin Elasticity

Another sign of ageing hands is the loss of elasticity of the skin. If you pinch it and it does not regain its shape, you need to start with some regimen for your hands.


7. Unkempt Cuticles

Lack of hydration causes the cuticles to get ragged to the extent that it can further lead to nail damage and infection.


8. Dry And Brittle Nails

Exposure to chemicals, water, etc, leaves the nails dry and prone to breakage. Even calcium deficiency in the body could possibly lead to brittle nails.


9. Stained Nails

The use of nail paints and removers for a prolonged period of time can lead our nails to get discoloured or even become a bit yellowish after years of application.


10. Dry Patches

As we grow old, the skin becomes more susceptible to chemical irritants like soap or even water. This gets the skin to become dry more often and needs constant hydration and moisturising.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 16, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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