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DIY Refreshing Citrus Body Scrub For Flaky Skin

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Scrubs are the most versatile of all body products. You can use so many ingredients to make scrubs, according to any skin concern. This amazing DIY citrus body scrub is so much fun to make and it also helps beat the issue of flaky skin.

diy citrus body scrub

Exfoliation is a must for skin care. It helps get rid of the dead skin cells and also improves blood circulation of the skin, which obviously means that the skin would glow and look healthy.

Another pro of scrubbing is that it helps get rid of ingrown hair.

If there is too much dead skin on the body, the pores get clogged with dirt, oil and grime, which overall gives an unhealthy appearance to the skin.

Of course, there are so many branded scrubs you could buy, but those scrubs often are really expensive.

And they may not even work so well. We may have used quite a few store-bought, expensive scrubs that were completely not worth the money, right?

DIY scrubs actually work a lot better in such cases. So, go ahead and try out this fun DIY citrus scrub for flaky skin and let us know what you think!

You Will Need:
1 lemon peel
1 orange peel
Juice from one lemon
2 tbsp of olive oil
2 cups of powdered sugar
Lemon and orange essential oils

diy citrus body scrub

Method & Application:

Grate the lemon and orange peels to get it to a powdery consistency. Add powdered sugar to this. Squeeze an entire lemon and add the juice to it. Remove all the seeds.

diy citrus body scrub

Then, add in the olive oil and stir, till you get a scrub-like consistency.

Note: All the ingredients need to be added according to the area you'll be scrubbing.

If you are using the scrub on the entire body, then use around two cups of sugar. You may need to add more olive oil if the scrub is too dry.

diy citrus body scrub

Mix this well and add two drops each of both the essential oils. Your DIY citrus scrub for flaky skin is ready to be used.

Use this scrub by massaging it in circular motions all over the body before you take a shower.

The sugar exfoliates the skin gently, while the lemon and orange act to get rid of skin tan. Olive oil provides moisture and ensures that the skin does not dry too much. Also, limit the usage of this DIY citrus body scrub to just once a week.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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