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DIY Honey + Aloe Vera Body Wash For Silky Smooth Skin

By Kumutha

Your skin has an expiry date. And when it reaches to that date, you can see fine lines spreading their wise-like veins, skin flaking off and dark spots leaving their tell-tale signs behind. And it is not just your facial skin but your body as well which is just as susceptible.

While we spend hours pampering our facial skin, we don't give the same courtesy to our body. In fact, body wash and lotion are probably the only two pampering agents your body earns in a day!

So, it makes sense to take a closer look at the ingredients that go in your body wash.

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If you take two minutes of your time and study the label on your body wash closely, you will notice two things, they are toxic chemicals the wash is loaded with and the heavy price tag these products come with!

To wean you off of the toxic elements and set you on the path of wholesome natural ingredients, we set out to find an ideal body wash recipe. And viola, this is the perfect one we found!

Main ingredients in this body wash are honey, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, essential oils, and castile soap.

Honey is a natural humectant that locks in the moisture from the air. Antibacterial properties that soothe the inflammation and kill the infection-causing bacteria are the main highlight of this ingredient. Honey is packed with antioxidants that help lighten the blemishes and keep the skin soft.

Aloe Vera is packed with glycerin, sodium carbonate, sodium palmate and rich antioxidants. Aloe vera restores the skin's elasticity, reduces fine lines, lightens blemishes and also works wonders on stretch marks.

The non-fragrant castile soap gives the luxurious foam that your skin requires minus the toxic chemicals and nutritional properties of essential oils work together to lighten, brighten and soften your skin.

Ingredients Required

  • ¼th cup of coconut oil
  • ½ cup of aloe vera gel
  • ¼th cup of raw honey
  • ¼th cup of castile soap
  • 15 drops of essential oils

    Method Of Preparation And Application

    • Heat coconut oil in a steel bowl, at a low flame. Remove the oil when it is mildly hot.
    • Add in the honey, aloe vera gel, and essential oils. Keep whisking for the ingredients to blend well.
    • Add castile soap slowly, and keep stirring to avoid the creating foam.
    • Transfer the solution into a plastic dispenser. It will lather up like your regular body wash and leave your skin baby-soft and visibly brighter.

    Do give this highly effective body wash a try and if you have any suggestions do share them at the comment section below.

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