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Why Loofahs Are Bad For Your Skin


Loofahs are used on the body while showering to get rid of dead and dry skin. Using a loofah everyday on the body while taking a shower, will make your skin glow.

However, experts today state that loofahs are bad for your skin; and the effects they have on your body will leave you shell-shocked.

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One of the many reasons loofahs are not good for the skin is because they have a tendency of tearing the skin if the body is sensitive. When the loofah tears the skin, it leaves behind an irritated and open wound. Now, when a loofah is used again over this open wound, it gives rise to a skin infection. Recent studies have stated that loofahs affect the body in many ways as they contain germs, micro-organisms and bacteria which target open wounds.

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Therefore, one should be extra careful when opting to use a loofah. There are certain rules to follow if you're a frequent user of this body scrub.

Below are some of the reasons why loofahs are bad for your skin. Take a look at the effects they have on your body.


Loofas Contain Microorganisms

Did you know that your loofah contains a good amount of micro-organisms which have serious effects on the body? Studies reveal that loofahs have two types of micro-organisms which cause wound infections and yeast; they are also associated with rashes around the mouth.


Loofas Contain Germs

P. Aeruginosa, is a common type of bacteria or germ that loves the moisture in a loofah. When this germ attacks an open wound, the skin will get inflamed and causes pus formation due to infection.


Loofas Increase Skin Infections

Infections that are caused by the loofah usually show up on the body like red bumps which later change to yellow-oozing and crusting on a red base of the bump. This skin infection is dangerous as it can spread from one person to another if a loofah is shared.


Loofas Tear The Skin

Loofahs are made out of fibre or plastic material which have an adverse effect on sensitive skin.


Bleach It

It is necessary to bleach the loofah in bleaching powder water once in a week. This helps kill the dirty germs and bacteria lurking in between the loofah.


Know Where To Store It

The main reason why loofahs are bad for the skin is because many store them in damp and dark places. It is important to store the loofah when it can dry before the next use.


After Using A Loofah

If you love using the loofah, dry it in a place away from moisture. After a shower, shake or dust the loofah to remove the excess droplets in between the fabric.


Microwave The Loofah

Occasionally, the loofah can be microwaved for 20 seconds while damp. This is recommended only for synthetic loofahs. However, experts suggest that changing the loofah every month would be healthy for the skin; it will prevent all types of skin infections too.

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