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Beauty Uses Of An Old Tooth Brush

Posted By: Staff

A simple tooth brush has many beauty uses that you may not know. Apart from making your teeth sparkling white, you can use it for some amazing beauty purposes. The bristles of the tooth brush are firm yet flexible and can be wisely used to enhance your beauty.

You can use it mostly on your hair for styling your hair, to make a high front puff. To add volume to your hair, hair highlighting and much more. In the same way, you can make your nails beautiful too using a simple tooth brush.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best beauty uses of a tooth brush. You can also tame your eye brows and apply some oils on your eyebrows to make them appear thick using a tooth brush.

You can use a tooth brush to clean you jewellery and makeup brushes as well. So, read on to find out more uses of an old tooth brush.


Make Hair Highlights

One of the easiest and simple ways to make highlights on your hair is by using a tooth brush. Take a steak of hair to be highlighted in your hand and hold it tight. Dab the tooth brush in the liquid hair dye to make a highlight streak. This method saves money and you can also experiment with different hair colours at home.


Remove The Trapped Dirt From Your Nails

If you have long nails, and while doing some work dirt gets accumulated inside the nails, use a tooth rush to clean it. Take a tooth brush and clean the insides of your nails with its soft bristles.


Add Volume To Your Hair

You can use a tooth brush to make a nice hair puff on the front side. Raise your inner hairs using a tooth brush and try to roll it out a little. It will fill your hair with a nice bounce, as all your hairs get raised well to form a nice fluffy front puff.


Thick Eyebrows

To get thick eyebrows, massage your brows with castor oil using a tooth brush. Put some oil on your eyebrows and then brush them with a tooth brush. This increases the blood circulation and helps in the effective absorption of oils on to the brows, thus making them thick.


Apply A Hair Dye

If you are applying hair dye at home then use a tooth brush to apply it. Tooth brush as compared to the dye brush can help in dying the small hair strands as well. The large dye brush may not reach the inner small grey hair to be dyed, whereas a tooth brush can neatly dye those hairs as well.


Clean Your Jewellery

Tooth brushes can be used to clean your jewellery and make it more sparkling. Dab an old tooth brush in a shampoo and rub it on your jewellery. Rinse with warm water for effective results.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are laden with makeup products such as foundations, powders and much more. One of the simplest ways of cleaning them is by using a tooth brush. Dab a tooth brush in a mild shampoo and then wipe the makeup brushes with it. Rinse with warm water.


Dry Shampooing

When you feel too lazy to wash your hair, sprinkle some baby powder on your hair to absorb the excess oil. Then brush you hair using a tooth brush. This can remove the powder and oil from your hair. This also makes you hair more clean and voluminous.


Tame Your Front Hair

You can tame your front hair by brushing it with a tooth brush. This will make your hair look more tamed and smooth. This is one of the best beauty uses of a tooth brush.

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