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Men: Tips For Proper Foot Care


All of us make sure that the skin on our face looks perfect and pend both time and money to pamper them. But have you ever thought that the skin on your feet also needs the same pampering and care? When we prioritise our beauty regime often we miss out on taking care of our feet.

Neglecting to take care of your feet might can be embarassing at times, especially when you appear in a public gathering. Also not maintaining healthy feet often can invite dry, flaky, chapped and bad odoured feet. Therefore, it is important to take care of your feet just like you do with your face.

Men: Tips For Proper Foot Care

This article will give you some basic tips and tricks that can help you in maintaining a healthy and a clean looking feet everyday. Follow the below steps everyday for better results.

Wash Them

Your feet also needs proper care just like any other part of your body. In fact unlike any other part of the body your feet is exposed to more dirt and dust. Therefore, you need to keep it cleansed and tisy to avoid any kind of bacterial or fungal infection.

Make sure that you wash your feet every day at least once with soap and water so that all the dirt that is locked between the toes are washed off and cleansed.

Dry Your Feet Properly

After washing now it's the time to dry them. Damp feet may invite several fungal infections and bacterias. These infections causes itching, peeling and burning skin and sometimes even more worst conditions like athlete's foot. Therefore it is important to dry your feet with a soft towel every time you wash your feet. While drying make sure that you focus the area especially between the toes.


Moisturising your feet is very important just like you do on your face and body. Improper moisturisation of your feet leads to dry and flaky skin on the foot. If not taken proper care of these areas become even more dry and hard and will accumulate dirt. Also if you do not moistuirise these chapped areas it can cause pain and bleeding. Make sure that you apply moisturiser, for example, petroleum jelly just before going to bed every night.

Exfoliate The Dead Skin Cells

Only washing your legs and keeping it moisturised won't protect your feet. It id important to exfoliate the skin on your feet on a regular basis to remove dead skin cells. You can scrub your feet with pumice stone. Or if you want to go natural you can use a mixture of olive oil and sugar to scrub your feet gently. Later you can wash your feet with warm water.

Wear Socks

Wearing socks will not only protect your feet from cold but it will also help in keeping it away from the environmental dust and dirt. It will also help in protecting the feet from the UV rays of the sun. Wearing socks will not allow any dirt that can be stuck with the moisturising cream.

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