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Beauty Habits To Avoid

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We all are very much accustomed to some beauty habits that are unhealthy. These beauty mistakes can cause us much harm. From our daily living style to our ways of sharing and caring, we all are in some way are in some way subject to some beauty mistakes. If you want to keep your skin and health in good condition you must definitely avoid these beauty habits.

Share Lip Balm Or Lipstick- Sharing is a very good quality. But, sometimes this very good quality ends up in being in one of the worst beauty habits. By sharing a lip balm or lip-stick you are merely sharing some one else's diseases. This is a very good source of many infections that spread by contact. So, is it not better to always carry a lip balm or lip-stick of your own? And in case if you have forgotten one, then, you haven't made any serious blunder, for you will look pretty just as you are without lip colour.

 Beauty Habits

Using Other's Comb- Most of us carry a comb wherever we go. This is very essential as our hair gets messed up in during the day or while travelling. It is one of the most common of all beauty habits that most men and women have. But, the problem arises when we forget to carry one. We tend to borrow someone else's comb. You should always avoid it, as this is not at all a healthy beauty habit to be followed. This unhealthy habit may lead to the spread of scalp and dandruff infections.

Kohl- Have you ever shared your friends kohl or eyeliner? Well, many of you must have. Friends are your own but remember their diseases aren't. A kohl is used to be applied on the inner lash line of the eyes. And when you use borrowed kohl then there are maximum chances of eye infections to spread from one person to the other. This is one of the unhealthy habits that all should avoid.

Touching Face- Many people are overwhelmingly in love with themselves. But that does not imply that you should be subscribing to unhealthy beauty habits. We are talking about touching your face and pampering yourself. Your hands and nails carry many bacteria that may cause pimples.

Another habit is the popping of the pimple that you have already grown. It might be scary to carry a huge pimple right on your forehead but, scribbling it will only make things worse and you might develop a scar forever.

Keeping Makeup- Keeping makeup on your face for too long and forgetting to take it off at night is one of the worst beauty habits of women. This will clog the skin pores and may even lead to breakouts. So, always wash it off before you go to sleep. Also avoid wearing makeup for more than 5-6 hours and maintain healthy beauty practices.

Try to avoid all of the above practices and follow a healthy beauty regime instead.

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