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'Easyraze Wand' For Hairy Guys

By Staff

Beauty care is no more girls' cup of tea alone. Both guys and girls crave equally to have the best skin, hair or body. One thing that annoys both of them is unwanted hair growth.

A new hair removal product from Michael Fuerst called 'EasyRaze wand' can be the solution to those hairy guys, who want to do away with their hairy back.

While you compare girls and guys, it's known that guys cannot bear pain like girls. So this product is specially designed for those hairy guys who are worried about undergoing the hair removal pain.

“Waxing, laser therapy, trimming are expensive, painful, time consuming or don"t work," Fuerst said. He also revealed that he hated his back hair and wanted to get rid of it. The product 'EasyRaze wand' is the outcome of his seven years' research and hard work.

While designing and executing its production, the customers he had in his mind were sports men and artists. As it's a razor and has to deal with skin, Fuerst designed it in a well planned way, “I put a lot of thought into the length and shape. The angle at which the blade slides over the back is critical and you have to be able to apply the correct pressure with your hand behind your back," he said.

The design of this razor is interesting. It has an ergonomic handle, a three-blade swivel-head razor and foam applicator which makes it easy to remove body hair.

Although this razor focuses on hairy guys, Fuerst is working on a women version of this as well. He has received e-mails from women who are pregnant and want to do away with their body hair. “But I"ve got e-mails from women who are pregnant who want a womens' version. I"m working on different colours and shapes for women," he said.

According to Fuerst, another attractive feature of this product is that a clean shave is guaranteed to you and that too without a mirror. You need not have to go through the painful trail of body hair removal, here is the best solution for hairy guys.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 12:08 [IST]