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    5 Cheap Alternatives To Replace Expensive Makeup Brushes

    If you wish to apply makeup in the perfect manner, you would need to possess the perfect makeup tools. Makeup brushes are such designed that they vary according to their usage. For instance, an eyeliner brush would differ from a lip colour application brush. Similarly, brushes used for blushes and powders differ from those used for eyeshadows. These brushes are essential tools without which even the most high-end makeup product can't be applied perfectly on your face.

    Good quality makeup brushes are quite expensive and investing in them could create a hole in our pockets, keeping the fact in mind that makeup brushes need to be well maintained and replaced often with new ones.

    Alternatives To Replace Makeup Brushes

    Nevertheless, especially for those who do not like stepping out even a day without at least a bit of makeup on, there are some cheap alternatives to the expensive makeup brushes that can help you stay within your budget and also enjoy makeup application perfectly. Read on to know these cheap makeup brush alternatives.

    Below mentioned are some of the most popular cheap alternatives to expensive makeup brushes.

    1. Cotton Swab Instead Of Smudge Or Pencil Brush

    A cotton swab can be used instead of a smudge or pencil brush. Cotton swabs, therefore, serve to be the budget-friendly alternative that should necessarily make its place in your makeup kit.

    Cotton swabs can be easily used to apply eyeshadows. It can also be used to smudge out the kajal.
    You can set the kajal for a long-lasting effect by using eyeshadow over it that is applied using a cotton swab.

    If you are not very proficient with the application of an eyeliner, cotton swabs can come very handy in making your liner appear perfect. Any mistake during the eyeliner application can be easily fixed with the help of a cotton swab. You wouldn't need to use water or makeup remover to fix the eyeliner mistake.

    This applies to the application of mascara as well. However, remember that you need to be quick and fix the mistake as soon as you apply the eyeliner or mascara, as these products are formulated such that they can set and dry up really fast. Use the cotton swab to do soft to and fro motions to get rid of the mistake made during the liner or mascara application.

    2. Tissue Paper Instead Of Brush For Applying Blush Or Powder

    Tissue papers ideally find usage in your purse in the form of a blotting paper to get rid of excess oil and shine. However, tissue papers can be used for other makeup-related reasons as well. Tissue papers have been seen to effectively replace powder and blush brushes.

    Blushes are known to give a flushed look to your cheeks. But it is also essential to make this flush appear natural and not made up. People go wrong in overdoing the application of blush which makes their cheeks have streaks of pink or red tones. But tissue papers can help you sort out this issue.

    Tissue papers can be folded in a triangular form and used for applying powder or blush. Sweep a clean tissue against your cheeks to remove excess blush. It will also help in blending the excess colour. But remember to use clean tissues always. Unclean ones can lead to breakouts and acne due to bacterial infection.

    3. Angular Paint Brushes For Applying Eyeliner

    Paint brushes can serve to be the most inexpensive form of makeup brushes. It works really well for your eye makeup. You can easily apply eyeliner or gel liner using angular paint brushes. This can be done comfortably for both the upper as well as the lower lash line.

    You can easily apply kajal using thin, pointed paint brushes. This gives precise lining to your eyes. A short, flat bristled paint brush would work great for eyeshadow application.

    4. Sponge Tip For Applying Eyeshadow

    You can easily find sponge tip applicators in the market. These are very cheap and perfect for eyeshadow application. Eyeshadows can be applied perfectly using sponge tip applicators as they are flat in shape and ensure smooth and even application.

    You can either choose to apply the eyeshadow just over your eyelid or only to the outermost corners of the eyes. A sponge tip applicator can be used to blend any sharp edges that might have occurred during the eyeshadow application.

    5. Homemade Makeup Brushes

    If you do not wish to use any of the above cheap suggested alternatives, then you could also choose to create makeup brushes on your own. This would just need a creative side of you and a little bit of your time and you would be ready with handmade brushes that are perfect for use for your daily makeup application needs.

    Moreover, you can make them in bulk quantities as it is a good habit to replace your makeup brushes once every 3 months.

    And here's a quick method to make brushes at home for eye makeup.

    Step 1: Take a pencil, the ones which have an eraser at the end. Pull the eraser out. Use blunt scissors to help you out with this.

    Step 2: You can use your hair to make the bristles of the makeup brush.

    Step 3: After deciding what to use for the bristles, you would need to place them into the end of the pencil that had the eraser earlier. Press the metal tightly so that the bristles can be tightly placed.

    Step 4: Use sharp scissors to trim the edges of the bristles to bring it to the shape and size of your preference.

    Using the above steps, you can comfortably create flat brushes for eyeshadow application and angled brushes for eye makeup. You can also create blending brushes for eye makeup application. With such wonderful and perfect alternatives, you can surely pack makeup specific brushes in your makeup vanity case.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 11:45 [IST]
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