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Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Poetic


Do you often like to create rhymes? Does it naturally come to you or do you have to make a deliberate effort looking for the right words? Is it your hobby or do you do it only when your friends ask for? Well, astrology says that some people belonging to certain zodiac signs are the most poetic. Let us read which zodiac signs belong to the group.



Pisceans are very deeply connected with their inner self, much more as compared to other signs. They have superb imagination power. Assessing their imagination perfectly, they can transform it into words. Their perception of the world is also different sometimes. They make beautiful and unique pieces of poetry.



Cancerians do not feel a need to hide everything. They hold strong opinions about almost everything. They like to present these opinions in the form of a poem. You can ask them to write one themselves or recite one for you which they had ever read or composed, they will surprise you by presenting a piece of couplets that are apt for you.



While their poems might not be much rhyming, they are unique and classy for sure. Scorpios can see beauty in the past and in the mundane as well. Hence, what might seem an ordinary situation to others, appears a piece of beauty to them. They jot it down as a poem.



Librans are lovers of art who can see beauty in the littlest things or moments. They can see both the positive and negative sides of a situation clearly and focus more on the positive. They can create beautiful lines talking about both the pros and cons together but highlighting the pros more.



Gemini are efficient communicators. They can even seduce others with their words. They feel more comfortable expressing themselves through writing than speaking. Not just are their words poetic, but the mind too thinks artistically most of the time.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 13:30 [IST]