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Zodiac Signs Ranking: From Introvert To Extrovert

By Nia

People who understand astrology know the amount of influence it has on our personalities and even on our social behaviour. There are some zodiac signs which are timid and there are those who are extremely extroverts.

We are listing the 12 zodiac signs ranking in order from introverted to extroverted. Check out the list.



Virgo individuals are known to be the most introverted zodiac signs as they hate attracting unnecessary attention. These individuals are the best friends since they are great listeners and they do give the best advice when asked!



Cancerians are known to take a little extra time to open up since they are shy and this is something that mostly comes from their insecurity. Even though they take a little time to open up, they are the most fun bunch of people to be around.



Pisces individuals are known to think a lot about everything. One can define worrying to be their middle name since they worry so much.



Capricorns are known as real wallflowers. They are amongst the shyest of all zodiac signs. These individuals also hate negativity and any type of drama. They tend to stay away from meeting and talking to people most of the time.



It is a little difficult to understand Scorpio individuals as they can be a little shy and they find it difficult to open up to new people. They have a little pack with whom they are most comfortable with and do not like the crowd.



Even though Taurus individuals come across as the shy people, they never stop speaking out their minds. Though they might not be outgoing they will always have a set of good friends who stick by them through their thick and thin.



Aquarians love to gossip and they can be called as ‘social butterflies' as well. These individuals are highly skilled in making people feel at home very easily.



Sagittarians are known for their funny side. They are also the most adventurous amongst all the zodiac signs. They perfectly know how to have a good time even in sad moments.



Librans emit positive energy wherever they go. They are great in making conversations and keeping people engaged. People are easily drawn to them because of their charming nature.



People of this zodiac sign are known to be the definition of confidence. They seem to have a fiery spirit and they are also the life of a party.



Gemini individuals are known to have dual personality. These individuals literally talk for two. They are also known to be the ultimate chatterboxes who love entertaining people.



Leo is known to be a people's person. Hence they are considered to be the most outgoing zodiac sign.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 13, 2019, 10:23 [IST]
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