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Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Get Fired

By Nia

There are people who find it difficult to stick to their job and even when it is their dream job. This is something that must be related to their zodiac signs.

From being stubborn to being very impatient, few emotions are quite strong in some of the zodiac signs and these zodiacs are most likely to get fired from their jobs.

Go ahead and find out if your zodiac sign is listed among the signs which are most likely to get fired by their bosses from the workplace.



Aries individuals are known to be immature and obstinate. They can either be of help or a problem when it comes to business. They love to lead the crowd and jump into new ventures and tasks. With too many tasks in hand and the need to finish them their way, they tend to offend others or decline their supervisor's requests at the hour. With no co-operation and self-obsessed attitude, they can be toxic at their workplace. Their over-energy and disobedience are some of the few attributes that can get them fired.



It is tough to manage a Leo and as a result, this causes a lot to the annoyance to their seniors. They always like to be the centre of attention and like to work to perfection. They are smart delegators who are often seen giving their tasks to others and they take the credit. This often leads to clashes with other employees and the chances of them getting terminated are higher.



Scorpio individuals are known for their deep passion and determination. These individuals also crave to control things around them. A Scorpio employee is savage and would not mind driving their under-performing colleagues if they perform low. This can lead to a lot of negativity around.

Also, on the other side, these individuals' ability for revenge is unbelievable and due to this, they can make extremely unpleasant work foes. This trait of them can get them fired.



Individuals born under this sign are extremely inventive. Due to this characteristic trait, it makes it difficult for them to comply with the inflexible set of rules and principles, especially at work. These individuals can stay patient to a great extent, but once they lose their cool, there is no stopping.

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