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Mercury Transit in Libra On 22 September 2021 Effects on Zodiac Signs And Remedies

As per Vedic astrology, it is said that Mercury is related to the Moon and Jupiter and therefore, it posses the characteristics of both the planets. Light green is the astrological colour of Mercury, therefore, the gemstone Emerald is associated with it. Wednesday is dedicated to the planet Mercury and when it comes to analytical abilities, communication skills and intellect, Mercury leads the way. Therefore, people under this zodiac sign end up becoming scientists, lawyers, sales and artists. This time will be good for businessmen, creative personnel and marketing professionals.

The transit of Mercury will take place on 22 September 2021 at 7:52 AM, till it retrogrades and transit in the sign of Virgo on 2nd October 2021 at 3:23 AM. Let us find out what this means in astrology for all the zodiac signs, the challenges and opportunities it will bring and the remedies.



For Aries, Mercury is the Lord of the third and sixth house and is transiting in the seventh house of marriage and partnership. Luck will be in your favour during this time. You will hear some good news from your children. Workload will increase during this time. You will perform well at your office. You will be very anxious and your opponents may indulge you in some internal politics so stay away from them. You will polish your communication skills. You may have to travel for business during this time. Talking about your health, keep yourself physically fit and follow a healthy diet.

Remedy: You can perform a puja for Lord Vishnu



For Taureans, Mercury is the Lord of the second and fifth house and is transiting in the sixth house of debt, enemies and diseases. There will be a new job opportunity. You need to check on your finances because there will be expenses during this period. If you have a loan, this is the right time to repay. You and your partner will have a peaceful life together. If there is a distance between you two, solve the issues. Do not consume alcoholic drinks and if you have disease related to the lungs and chest, then be careful.

Remedy: You can wear three, six or fourteen faced Rudraksha



For Geminis, Mercury is the Lord of the first and fourth house and is transiting in the fifth house of love, romance and children. You will have clarity during this period. There can be a financial loss during this time. You must not be overconfident and solve conflicts with your siblings. Professionally, you will start some assignments. You will spend quality time with your family and loved ones. There will be some emotional stress during this period.

Remedy: You may walk barefoot on the green grass



For Cancerians, Mercury is the Lord of the third and twelfth house and is transiting in the fourth house of comfort, home, property and mother. During this time you need to focus on your family issues and solve them in a calm manner. Track your expenses and control them. This is an ideal time to invest money in buying a house or a vehicle. You will spend some quality time with your spouse. You will get success during this time. Exercise regularly and have a proper diet.

Remedy: You can purchase a money plant or keep any other green plants at home



For Leo, Mercury is the Lord of the eleventh house and second house and is transiting in the third house of courage, short trip and writing. Travel is on the cards. You will communicate effectively during this period. For your amazing skills and memory, people will appreciate you. You can feel a little stressed during this period. You may take part in some spiritual activities. Do yoga and meditation to keep your mind and body healthy.

Remedy: You can wear and use green clothes



For Virgo, Mercury is the Lord of the tenth and first house and is transiting in the second house of communication, family and speech. You need to avoid harsh words while speaking with someone. Also, you may need to take care of your family member. Be careful about your finances and spend your money wisely. Students will perform well during this period. Professionally, your relationship with your boss and colleagues will improve. There may be minor injuries, so you need to take care of your health.

Remedy: You can plant a banana tree on Wednesday at home



For Libras, Mercury is the lord of the ninth and twelfth house and is transiting in the first house of self and personality. You will acquire wealth during this time. Watch your mouth while speaking, else you may end up in trouble. Professionally you will achieve great heights. In case students have any issues, they need to consult their teachers and parents. Exercise regularly and you will feel healthy emotionally and physically.

Remedy: You need to chant Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra to bring positivity to your life



For Scorpions, Mercury is the Lord of the eighth and eleventh house and is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign gains, losses and weakness. Professionally, you need business strategies to solve your problems. A business venture is on the cards. You must not get too involved with your friends. Your relationship with your spouse will be good. You may invest in a medical policy. You need to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol and keep your health in check.

Remedy: You need to plant a banana tree on Wednesday at home



For Sagittarians, Mercury is the lord of the seventh and tenth house and is transiting in the eleventh house of gains, income and desires. During this transit professionally, you can make new partnerships and will grow in your business. As a result, you will be very successful and in completing any task taken by you during this period. Financially this is the right time to pay off the loans of pending dues. You will be spending money on your partner and children which will give them happiness. For married natives Life will be peaceful. However, if there are problems in your married life, you need not worry as that is a temporary phase. Further, most of the time will be spent on your friends, family, romance and public life during the transit. Healthwise, you will be healthy during this period and enjoy life to the fullest.

Remedy: You need to nail four bronze nails in the four corners of the bed or the house



For Capricorns, Mercury is the lord of the sixth and ninth houses and is transiting in the tenth house of career, name and fame. Professionally, you will achieve success. Businessmen will make a profit at this time. People are associated with banks, they will gain during this time. Your relationship will be stable and you will spend quality time with your family. You need to be concerned about your health and keep your food habits under check.

Remedy: You need to light a Diya of camphor in your place of worship at home.



For Aquarians and natives, Mercury is the lord of the Fifth and eighth house and is transiting in the ninth house of religion, fortune, luck and journeys. You can focus on your personal relationships and make them better. Do not invest money during this time as there can be losses. Professionally, while conducting meetings, you need to communicate properly. This period will be healthy for you.

Remedy: You need to worship Lord Vishnu and offer camphor.



For Pisceans, Mercury is the Lord of the fourth and seventh house and is transiting in the eighth house of occult science, sudden loss/gain an inheritance. There will be ups and downs in the business during this time. Your workload will also increase during this time. You need to sort out misunderstandings and communication gaps with your spouse. There can be some health-related issues so consult with a doctor and take measures accordingly.

Remedy: Offer fruits to the poor and needy on Wednesday for an auspicious result