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Mercury Transit In Gemini 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Sign

Mercury is the planet of speech and communication. This year mercury will be transiting into its own zodiac sign. The transit will enhance the decision making skills and communication among the natives. Pending works will gain progress during this transit. This year the Mercury transit in Gemini will take place at 10:59 am on 7July 2021. Today we are here to tell you about the effects of this transit on different zodiac signs.



For people belonging to the Aries moon sign, the Mercury transit in Gemini will take place in the third house of their horoscope. This is the own house of Mercury and symbolise siblings, strength and willpower. This transit can prove to be consequential for these natives. For working professionals, this is going to be a favourable period. They will be getting maximum benefit at their workplace. They will achieve this with the help of their exceptional versatile efforts and communication skills. The natives will be enhancing their skills during this period. The natives will showcase distinctive thinking would work exceptionally. The natives will be overpowered their competitors during this transit.

Some natives may meet new people who are into innovative work. During this time, the natives will improve their social networks and this will improve their public. The natives will leave a long lasting impression on whomsoever they come across. They need to avoid making any physical travels or signing deals. During this transit, your siblings may look upto you for guidance and assistance. You will be full of energy.



For people belonging to this moon sign, the transit will take place in the second house of their horoscope. The second house represents, accumulated wealth, speech and immediate family. The environment in the houses of these natives will be serene and joyful. During this transit, the natives will be having an eloquent speech. This will mark high impression on people around them. They will trust and respect them. During this transit, you will enjoy an improved relationship with your mother. In fact, you'll find her to be your lucky charm. During this transit, your relationship with your partner will improve. You and your partner will strengthen your bond and this will increase romance in your relationship.

Students will be having a good command over their subjects. They will be able to understand the logics in a better manner and this will help them in learning things in a better manner. However, some natives may enjoy a flourishing time in terms of financial abundance. For people who are into business, the time will be profound. They will be able to increase their sales with the help of their marketing skills.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the transit will take place in the first house of their horoscope. While Mercury will be placed in their first house, the natives will have cheerfulness and joy in their lives. The Mercury transit will provide immense strength and benefits to the natives. The transit may put the natives in such instances that may overwhelm them. The natives will enjoy a great time with their near and dear ones. Some natives may expand their family by conceiving children. People who are into partnership business will find it to be a favourable period. Improved business strategies and structural plans will increase productivity. Businessmen will be able to achieve their targets. People looking for work from home opportunities will come across the same. Those who want to turn their hobbies into a profession will find this period extremely favourable. For married natives, this is going to be a favourable period.



Those who belong to this zodiac sign will host the transit in the twelfth house of their horoscope. The house symbolises siblings, strength and efforts. Business professionals will get several opportunities to travel. Some natives may go on short trips with their siblings during this transit. Natives will find solutions to all their problems, which will help in smooth working on the professional front.

Natives may spend money on getting luxury gadgets and electronic devices. Freshers looking forward to joining any MNC may expect good news.



For people belonging to the Leo moon sign, the Mercury transit in Gemini will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. The presence of Mercury in this house symbolises savings. For natives, the transit may bring abundant wealth. They will receive money from different sources. Business natives will generate good profits. Their pending payments will get released soon. They may also have side income during this period.

Natives will make new friends. These new friendships will help the natives in earning money through innovative ideas. Those who are into family business will run The business along with their family members in unity. This way the business will grow exponentially. During this transit, the natives will strengthen their relationship with their siblings.



Mercury is believed to rule the Virgo moon sign. The transit will take place in the tenth house of the horoscope of these natives. The natives will be earning more and more knowledge in different fields. They will be working quite enthusiastically in their respective workplace. They will be following some strategies to enhance their work profile. Entrepreneurs will be taking up new programs and executing them to bring outstanding results.

Natives who are into banking, marketing, journalism, advertising, finance, interpretation and traveling will have a favourable period. The natives will earn a reputation for their excellent work. Natives planning to start their own business or startups will be utilising this period. However, they are advised to spend more and more time with their loved ones. They need to take care of their health else they may suffer from insomnia.



Mercury transit in Gemini will take place in the ninth house of the horoscope of Libra natives. Mercury which is also known as Lord of luck and the tenth house of Libra natives is considered as the house of auspiciousness. The transit will hence bring prosperity and favours. The period is quite favourable for religious and overseas trips. The natives will be leading a comfortable lifestyle during this transit. They may buy some luxurious items for their personal uses as well.

Some natives will improve their relationship with their father and both of them will share some good moments together. During this transit, the natives will be favoured quite easily. They will be drawing attraction with the help of their amazing persuasion quality. People who are into business will be having a great time. They will be able to work with their clients in a better manner. Those who are in business connected to foreign lands will have an overwhelming time.



For people belonging to this moon sign, the transit will take place in the eighth house of their horoscope. The house represents mysticism, legacies, gains and income. During this transit, the natives may get benefitted from their ancestral property. There's a good possibility of income. They may also earn from gambling and speculative business. But they are advised to avoid betting and gambling as these may cause losses as well. Moreover, these aren't beneficial in the long run. Those who are employed may face certain insecurities related to their job. During this transit, they may not have a stable time as they may get fired at their workplace.

Natives are advised to be extra cautious when it comes to handling their projects and dealings. They need to have good communicative terms with their seniors and top management. They may help the natives in improving and getting a better hold of their profile.



Mercury transit in Gemini will take place in the seventh house of people belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign. For entrepreneurs, this is going to be a favourable time. They will be ruling the market with the help of their exceptional strategies and marketing skills. Natives who are willing to start new work will find a suitable period for the same. Traveling for work will be quite beneficial for these natives. This way they will be able to make the best.

For married couples, this transit will prove to be a favourable time. They will be strengthening their bond by developing some mutual understanding. During this time, they will be getting immense support from their spouse. Single natives may get engaged during this transit. People working in the field of media and advertising industry will be having a great time ahead.



People belonging to the Capricorn moon sign will host the Mercury Transit in Gemini in the sixth house of their horoscope. The house symbolise debts, litigations, diseases and competition. The natives are advised to take better care of their health during this period. They may develop skin rashes, headaches, hormonal changes and certain allergies. In case, they are thinking to travel, they need to ensure their safety else they may end up in problems. They need to maintain a healthy diet. Consuming green leafy vegetables and a good amount of liquids can help them in maintaining their health. Students preparing for competitive exams will be enjoying a favourable period. Their inner strength will be on peak and this will boost their morale. They will be expressive during this period.

Natives searching for new job opportunities will crack interviews and bag a decent job. However, the working professionals may have some conflicts with their co-workers. Such natives are advised to avoid debating at the workplace. They need to ensure that their actions and words do not cost the reputation of their organisation. The enemies and competitors of these natives will be weak during this transit. They won't be able to harm the natives in any manner.



Mercury presides over the fifth house of education, children, love life and eight houses of enigma and legacy for the Aquarius natives. It will be transiting over its fifth house during this period. The research students will have better concentration and will deeply be involved in their studies. Academic students may face obstacles in their education and will find it difficult to concentrate, which will hamper their performance. The parents may face problems from their children, due to their weak health or disturbing studies. Those who are interested in deeper subjects of life like mysticism, philosophy or the occult will have a favourable period, as their interests will increase in knowing about these studies and they will get good material to study and expand their knowledge.

Those who are looking forward to converting their passion or hobby into their profession will also get some good opportunities, your contacts will help you in achieving success in your endeavours. The natives who are in love will share a deep understanding with their partner, which will make their bond intense and they will be upto each other's expectations. The insurance agents, life savours, miners and people working in the oil industry will have a favourable time, your stuck up deals will process smoothly, also you will get good chances of cracking new ones.



Mercury owns the lordship of the fourth house of domestic comforts, belongings, motherland and seventh house of associations, marriages and short trips for the dual sign Pisces. The Mercury will be transiting in its own sign in the fourth house. You will have a cherishing time with your family members, also you may have some small get together with distant families. There are bright possibilities of addition in the family through marriage or engagement of a member. Those who are in a family business will have an auspicious period since your outstanding communication and bond with the other members of the house will bring success in major decisions taken for the growth of the business.

The married natives may face some communication gap with their spouse, as they would be attention demanding during this period and schedule at work, events at family will keep you occupied. You are advised to do some time management and have some moments with your dear one for a healthier bond. For those who are planning to invest in property, time is favourable for you as you will be able to crack the best deals with your bargaining power. The accountants, writers, marketing professionals, journalists will get some good favours in their professional life during this time since Mercury will be strengthening your tenth house of career through its auspicious seventh aspect.