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Holi 2019: Use Holi Colours As Per Zodiac Sign

Holi with colours as per your Zodiac sign: राशि अनुसार किस रंग से खेलें होली | Boldsky

A festival that marks the end of winters and welcomes the colourful spring, Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Phalgun. This year it will be observed on 21 March. Holika Dahan will be observed on 20 March. It is said that we should burn off all forms of negativities with the fire of Holika Dahan, a day before Holi. Probably it is due to its association with the spring festivals that this festival is played using colours. As per astrology, one should choose Holi colours as per one's zodiac sign. Read more.



While red is the lucky colour for the Aries, pink is the colour that can give them peace. Red colour is considered auspicious for love and victory. They can use red and pink colours to play Holi this year.

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White colour, which bears the power of every colour in it, will be auspicious for the Taureans. It is the symbol of peace and positivity. While pure white colour might not be available in the market, you can use its various different shades, if available.



Gemini should play Holi with yellow or green colours this year. Green colour brings in luck and prosperity. Yellow colour is believed to be sacred and is an indicator of love and joy coming in the life of Gemini.



Cancerians can also use white and its shades on this Holi. It will bring peace and calm in their life this Holi, making it a happier Holi this year.



Leos can use the colours orange and yellow on this Holi. Using these colours will make them healthier and wiser. Since yellow colour is auspicious and is used in most of the religious rituals, it will add auspiciousness to their life as well.



Virgos should play Holi with green colour this year. It will help them get over many problems in life. It will increase their work efficiency by filling in new and fresh energy.



Librans can make use of yellow as well as white colour. While yellow will give them prosperity and invite luck in their lives, white colour will bring peace in their lives.



Much like an Aries, the fire sign Scorpio should choose red and pink colours on this Holi. These colours will ensure the flow of more love and care in their life, adding to the auspiciousness of the day.



Sagittarians should also choose the colours red and yellow to play with on this Holi. Yellow colour will add joy to their life. The auspicious colour red will make the day auspicious and lucky.



Capricorns should choose blue and green colours for this Holi. Green colour will help them in acquiring spiritual knowledge and the colour blue will help them acquire patience. Both will serve their spiritual inclination this year.



Blue colour will be auspicious for Aquarians. This colour will support the honesty and justice that are inherent in the nature of a Scorpio. It will also help in financial expansion and progress.

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Playing Holi with red and yellow colours will be auspicious for the Pisceans. Yellow colour will help them in gaining prosperity and a better materialistic life and red adds auspiciousness to everything.

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