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Astrological Remedies To Get A Job Soon


Having a good job is the biggest priority for a majority of the youth today. But many a time people fail to get one despite their best efforts. When on one hand there can be many reasons, such as fewer vacancies in the sector, less preparation and high competition, on the other hand, experts on astrology say that the real reason is the unfavourable positioning of the stars and the planets in the birth chart of a person. Since planets affect the whole life of a person, these can be responsible for getting a job and the progress thereafter as well.

Houses In The Birth Chart Responsible For One's Career

Astrologers say that the first, second, sixth and seventh houses in the birth chart are the most significant for matters relating to a job. For example, the second house is the house of Kubera, who is the god of wealth as per Hinduism, which means that it is the house of wealth. Wealth, here, can refer to earned money, a loan or other monetary gains from family or friends.

However, the first, second, sixth and the tenth houses collectively affect one's job prospects. Because of the unfavourable positioning of some planets, an individual might face problems in getting a job, as said by astrologers. Here are some remedies which can help you get a job soon. Take a took.

Remedies To Rectify Delay In Getting A Job

On the first Monday of the month, take rice and cover it in a white cloth and offer it to Goddess Mahakali. Goddess Mahakali is the destroyer of negative energy. Since she is just another form of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva, she too protects her devotees as Lord Shiva does. Worshipping her on any day brings good luck. Adopting this remedy will help you get a job too.

Feeding The Birds

It's not Hinduism alone which emphasises so much on the need for charity. All the religions, including Islamism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity, etc., across the world have highlighted the importance of making donations in their scriptures.

Helping a soul in need gets one blessings. And one blessing is more effective than a thousand other remedies. It is believed that God speaks through the blessing from those in need.

Innocent creatures are dearer to God; birds are amongst those innocent creatures. Feeding them is another way to seek his blessings and this is a successful remedy for getting a job soon. Mix all the seven types of grains and offer them to birds everyday.

Worshipping Lord Hanuman

Offering prayers to Lord Hanuman is another way of getting a job soon. Lord Hanuman fulfils all the desires of his devotees. He is largely worshipped by saints because he is known for granting knowledge and better concentration.

Reading Hanuman Chalisa everyday helps increase one's concentration. His worship is often advised to the students as well. Keep an image of a flying Hanuman in the house and offer prayers to him everyday.

Offering Prayers To Lord Shani Dev

Shani Dev is a powerful deity. While on one hand, he punishes one for the mistakes done in the past life, he even blesses the devotees when he's pleased with them. Therefore, offer prayers to him on a Saturday. Also, chant the mantra "Om Sham Shanishcharay Namah" 108 times. This pleases the god, which will help you get a job soon.

The Age-old Remedies

A well-known remedy is that of eating curd mixed with sugar before going out for some important work. Most of us have heard of this as a useful remedy for achieving success in every task. It keeps one in a good mood throughout the day. Another thing which elders suggest is stepping out with the right leg first. Adopt these for every important task you have to go for, especially for a job interview.

Feeding Cows And Dogs

Offer food to the dogs or cows while going out for the interview. It helps achieve success in the interview and you'll get a job soon. Offering jaggery and gram to the cow, or offering a chapati with jaggery to the cow can also help one get a job soon.

Offering food to a dog before going out for an interview also helps one get positive results.

The Goddess Of Wisdom

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