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Astro Tips To Sell Your House, Office, Commercial & Residential Property

प्रॉपर्टी बेचने में आ रही है तो करें 2 बादामों का ये उपाय | Astro Tips to Sale Property | Boldsky

Many a time we want to sell a property but are not able to because of various problems that might arise because of various reasons, some of which might be either the stars in our birth chart or the vastu of the place. Due to these reasons, properties, including parks, gardens, farms or houses, might not get sold off that easily. Here are some astro tips to sell your house, office, commercial & residential property faster. Take a look.

1. Do This On A Monday

For forty-three days, starting from a Monday or a Saturday, you have to visit a Shiva temple. Offer prayers and two almonds to Lord Shiva. Now when you have completed the prayers, take one of these almonds back while coming home. Keep this almond safely at home for you will need it later.

Do this for forty-three days without fail; offer two almonds and get one back home everyday. After forty-three days, take the almonds that you have collected at home and drop them in a flowing river/running water such as a canal.

2. Feed Cows For Forty-three Days Like This

Offer green fodder to a cow everyday for forty-three days without fail. It is believed that 33 crore deities reside in the body of a cow. Feeding a cow is one of the greatest Punya karmas as per Hinduism. More so because a cow is very dear to Lord Vishnu. Offering food to a cow helps in not just this, but in fulfilling any other wish you have.

3. Do This Everyday

Everyday, as you cook food, offer the first share to a cow and the last share to a dog. Make sure you do not offer leftover food to the dogs, as is generally observed. For example, while making chapatis, keep the first one for a cow and the last one for the dog. If you somehow might need to cook again, or make more chapatis that day, make sure the last one is for a dog.

4. Do This On A Tuesday

On a Tuesday, plant a pomegranate sapling in the plot that you want to sell off. This will help the property get sold off soon and recover the amount soon.

5. Do This On A Saturday

On Saturday, take twenty-one grains of black gram, apply mustard oil on them and throw them in the place you want to sell. The next morning, collect them back and drop these grains in running water. This too will help serve your purpose.

6. Visit Lord Bhairava Temple

On a Saturday, visit a Bhairava temple and light a diya. Do this for seven days continuously, meaning, start from a Saturday and do this until the next Saturday.

Sometimes when deals get delayed and projects get cancelled, it is not the position of the stars and the vastu alone that have to be blamed, various other factors such as the financial value of the property, the location as per the demands in the market, and the marketing strategies matter too.

Lord Vishnu Sleeps For Four Months!!

Astrological remedies help in such cases as well. Remedies such as visiting temples are based on what is dear to the deities, so that they are pleased soon and bless the devotees and grant their wishes.

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Story first published: Friday, July 20, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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