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You Are Ambitious And Hard Working If Your Name Begins With This Letter


Does your name start with the letter S? If yes, then here are the personality traits that you will have. Numerology states that these people have association with the number 1. Hence, some of their characteristics might be similar with those having A as the initial letter of the name.

The name of a person has some impact on the life of the person. Everything about life such as career, love life, marriage, as well as habits and personality traits can be known just by the name of the person.

Take a look at the detailed analysis of the people with S as the initial letter.


Social And Welcoming

People with the letter S as the initial letter of the name are social by nature. You would not see them avoiding any party or a function just because of a bad mood or bad weather. Meeting new people or visiting new places is what makes them feel recharged. They like building up a long list of contacts.


Charismatic Attention Grabbers

These people get a lot of attention. They like to be noticed and the good part is that getting this attention is not a big deal for them. Thus either because of their pretty looks or their impressive personality, they end up getting a lot of attention. However, people often also like them for their seemingly good heart.


Ambitious Hard Workers

They take work seriously and have high goals. They would not mind going beyond certain limits and comfort zones for fulfilling their dreams. Whether it is getting up early or working till late in the night or even both, they prefer putting in the best of their efforts and achieving the targets rather than crying for failures.


Good Speakers Who Are Loyal Too

What makes them grab even more attention than others is their speaking skills. Their eloquence gives them confidence. That is what makes them good orators. Even if they are not good at a language, their power of expressing more with limited words is what earns them good points. Their loyalty reflects when they speak, thus getting them more appreciation.


Fast Learners Of Every Skill

Be it a sport, a history lesson, or those tricky calculations of maths, all enter their brains so swiftly as if they already knew everything. The only reason behind their not being good at something can be their lack of interest. They would acquire a skill easily if they show interest in it. Hence, they are fast learners.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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