Born On The 18th Of A Month


If you or any of your dear one is born on the eighteenth of the month, then this one is for you.

Those born on the 18th are social thinkers, social workers and their true happiness lies in working for the community, society and the nation at large. The more you do, the better you feel about yourself and your life and you enjoy it as well.

numerology for number 18,

Your way of thinking is too broad. You wish to be a player of all the fields. However, religion, law, politics, etc., are particularly your fields. You do not like being under any kind of a boundation.

You are creative and may emerge as a master of various arts such as painting and writing. As it is through these that you are able to express yourself better. You are a born speaker and attract a huge public whenever you speak. People generally value your opinion and take your advice seriously. They take you as equal to them and they do take your advice.

Poor condition of people is what disheartens you. You try all you can to help them out. Misery and plight of others worries you the most. You never miss a chance of helping others.

You are honest at your work life as well as in your personal life. You win friends easily. However, sometimes, you feel bored easily due to excessive work that you generally undertake. You are a peace lover until the reason for going against peace is that of one related to social welfare.

Generally calm, you sometimes might get frustrated. You like being punctual and are attracted to those who are punctual too.

You can have a good time with the zodiacs - Aries and Scorpio. You surely will be able to get rich but what you should learn is to forgive and to accept. Looks wise, you have an aristocratic appearance.

Though you have an average height, your built up is nice and attractive.

You are a fighter with sharp words though righteous, and an advocate of justice. The idea of not being involved in any work disturbs you and you wish to keep yourself busied up most of the time.
And being praised is what you love so much.

It is advised that you must be cautious while taking a liability from others, it might turn into a quarrel if not attended to with all the attention.

While you do not like working at subordinate positions, you are understanding too for others' needs and the needs of the organization that you work with.

Though yours may be a service-based career, you like being the in-charge of it all.
Well, the advise for the day is that have patience and be tolerant. So, that you are distracted less and climbing the ladder of success becomes even easier for you.

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