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Daily Horoscope: 25 November 2019

By Lekhaka

Read your daily horoscope to know who will win and who will lose today.


Aries: 21 March - 19 April

You will feel restless today due to the troubles going on in your personal life. Your increasing stress is also affecting your health to a great extent. In such a situation, you need to pay attention to yourself. Try to soften your behaviour too. If you have some differences with your loved ones, try to solve the matter with love and understanding instead of being angry. You can share your thoughts with your spouse and make them understand. There may be some problems in your love life. Be transparent in your relationship and openly express your views to your partner. You have to avoid any kind of lying. To make your financial situation even stronger, you can set your plans and goals once again.

Lucky Colour: Dark Blue

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Time: 12:40 pm to 6:00 pm


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

The day will bring mixed results for you. You will feel annoyed about something. The atmosphere at home will be rough. Today, family members can put pressure on you. On the economic front, the day will be normal. If you keep an eye on your expenses then there will be no problem. On the other hand, your spouse will understand your problems and will try to give their full support. It would be better if you focus on your work in the office and do not waste time criticizing your colleagues. Today, while having a conversation with your superiors, use your words very thoughtfully.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Time: 9:00 am to 8:00


Gemini: 21 May - 20 June

Today, your parents and other relatives will be unhappy with your decision. If you act wisely, then the problem may get solved. Today is not a good day in the case of love. If you want to put a love proposal in front of someone, wait a little longer. Married people will have to avoid arguing unnecessarily with their spouse, otherwise, a big dispute may arise in the house. There will be ups and downs in your work today. Traders will neither get any special profit nor will lose any money. The employees may get some good news today. Your promotion is also possible in the coming few days.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Time: 5:00 pm to 9:40 pm


Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

You will get great relief by solving a complicated matter. It may be related to your personal life. The day will be very special for loving couples. If you like someone, then the time is very favourable to speak your heart. You are likely to get a positive answer. Your love relationship may also get approved by family members. Today will also be a better day for married people. You will spend a relaxed time with your spouse. You have to be a little careful in terms of money because today, there is a possibility of a loss of money. If you take your financial decision in a hurry, you may suffer a big loss. There may be some problems in the workplace. You will be a little worried because your important work is not completed. Take care of your mother's health.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Time: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm


Leo: 23 July - 22 August

Due to the may thoughts in your mind, you will find yourself in a state of confusion. It would be better to be patient and keep your mind calm. Today you can make a big decision related to your personal life. If you want, you can consult your elders before taking a decision. Today you will be surrounded by some negative thoughts but will try your best to fight them. Some old works may get completed today. On the economic front, the day is auspicious. You may get stuck money but, friends can increase your expenses. If you are associated with business, today you can invest some money in any new work. There may be some hurdles in the work of employees, it is better to seek help from your higher officials.

Lucky Colour: Dark Green

Lucky Number: 31

Lucky Time: 9:45 am to 10:10 pm


Virgo: 23 August - 22 September

Today will be very important for you on the work front. Employees may achieve some major achievement. Your high officials will greatly appreciate your ability. This will open the doors of your progress soon. The financial situation can improve because today, you can get financial help from someone on your own. You may try to complete your unfinished tasks which were stuck due to the financial crisis. The compatibility will remain in married life. It will be a wonderful day with your spouse. Time is also good for picnics. Parents will get support and love from all. Good day for travelling. Today's journey will prove to be auspicious. You will feel much better as your health improves.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 10

Lucky Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Libra: 23 September - 22 October

Differences with closed ones may hurt your feelings, but you need to behave better on your behalf. If you talk about your health, today is not a good day. Health-related problems can come up. Creative hobbies will make you feel relaxed today. You should be a little conscious about financial matters. You may face a lot of difficulties in earning money along with sudden money loss. If your father is associated with your business, then there is a possibility of getting some help from them. Try to solve marital issues by talking to your spouse.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Time: 8:20 am to 8:40 pm


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

Today things seem to be trending in your favour. You will be very relaxed because almost every work will be completed as per your plan. Your constant hard work and effort on the work front will bring amazing results especially those associated with the business can get the result for which they have been waiting for a long time. This work will give a new direction to their business. On the other hand, employed people can get some good news today. Your wish to go abroad may get fulfilled. Though your journey will be related to work, it will be very auspicious for you. Today the problems of personal life will be solved and you will find yourself in a worry-free and better mood.

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Time: 4:00 pm to 11:10 pm


Sagittarius: 22 November - 21 December

There may be some problems in family life today. It is possible that some old issues may arise today due to which big trouble may arise in your life. Because of this, there will be tensions in your house and you will lose your mental peace. It is better that you prepare yourself to face any kind of challenge beforehand. Today, do not spend without thinking and spend only on necessary things. In the second half of the day, short work-related trips are possible. If you are having trouble with your partner in love life, then there can be some improvement on this day. Be cautious about your health because today the planetary positions are pointing towards some major problem.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Number: 30

Lucky Time: 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Capricorn: 22 December - 19 January

Today, you may want to spend some time in a religious place to experience mental peace. If you were worried about something for the last few times, then today your problem can be solved. Work stress will also be reduced today because you will get full support of your superiors. Your financial condition will be good today and you will also be quite satisfied with the money. If you talk about your personal life, you will be very busy today so you will not be able to give much time to the family but still, you will get positive feedback from your spouse. Avoid lifting heavy things today.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 21

Lucky Time: 5:15 am to 12:00 pm


Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Today will be a bit difficult for you, so you need to be careful. Small troubles can increase your stress. You have to avoid discussing any illogical issues in the house. It is possible that you may have differences with any family members. This may disturb the peace of your home. If you talk about your work, then you will feel a lot of pressure today. The problems of personal life will not allow you to focus on your work. Your high officials may not deal with you properly, while businessmen may suffer some loss today. A decision taken in the past may disappoint you for not getting the expected results today. Your financial situation will be normal. If you get an opportunity to invest today, then make a decision only after thinking carefully.

Lucky Colour: Maroon

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Time: 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Today is going to be something great in your life. You can share your heart with someone special. It is possible that the answer will be positive because time is favourable in the case of love. On the other hand, married people will also get a chance to spend some romantic time with their spouse today. If you talk about your work, then high officials in the office can put some pressure on you today. Suddenly you can be entrusted with a big responsibility. In the case of money, the day will be fine. To make your financial situation stronger, you need a better plan. Health matters will be fine today. Today you may not get enough time to rest, however, there will be no major problem.

Lucky Colour: Dark Red

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Time: 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm

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Story first published: Monday, November 25, 2019, 5:00 [IST]