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Potency Of Sri Chakra Yantra (Continued)
One thing is strangely common among all these forces of the Goddess. It took just one form of Lord Shiva to calm her fury down. Adi Shankaracharya mastered the art of conquering the fury of this Goddess and brought her back ...
Sri Chakra Yantra 1

Potency Of Sri Chakra Yantra
When the heavens open Bring forth the force The wilderness the heat The power alive The potency let lose The divine embrace Such energy released The Goddess arrives The power of the Mother Felt through in history, A power so ...
The Saint With The Golden Hand - Part I
Asceticism The divinity in Seshadri Swamigal began to blossom with full fragrance to the world outside when He chose to reside in Thiruvannamalai. He is said to have spent fourty years there. He was seen meditating in different places in ...
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Saint With Golden Hand
The Saint With The Golden Hand
Saints sanctify the staggered souls that swirl in the whirlpool of Samsara, to draw them out of it to settle in eternal peace. They rather confirm the sanctity of the soul which shoves the fear of death, the root cause ...
Life of Sri Ramanujacharya - Part 4
Yadavaprakasa was shocked to see Ramanuja back in Kanchipuram on returning from his pilgrimage. Controlling his inner feelings, he feigned joy and surprise on seeing his 'favourite' disciple safe at home. He invited Ramanuja to join his classes again, as though ...
Life of Sri Ramanujacharya - Part 3
The true mettle of a teacher becomes known when he comes face to face with a disciple who is superior to him in intellect or character. A mediocre teacher or one of shallow character may harbour feelings of jealousy or malice ...
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