Healthy Party Drinks For Pregnant Women

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Party Alternatives For Pregnant
Of course, alcoholic drinks are a strict no if the mother is expecting but this doesn't mean that pregnant women cannot party. There are few party snacks and drinks that are healthy and tasty alternatives to fermented beverages. Take a look to know which are the non alcohol party drinks that can be enjoyed with the joy of motherhood.

Healthy Party Drinks For Pregnant Women

The new year's eve is soon arriving and many expecting mothers would also be wanting to party with friends and family. These party drinks are assured safe, good for health and taste the best.

  1. Mocktails – The mixed fruit drink that come in fashionable wine glasses are nice for the time. They are non alcoholic cocktails and some don't even contain artificial colouring and flavours. Commonly served fruit fantasies (containing orange, strawberries, pineapple), cinderella (orange, pineapple, lemon), passion passion (passion fruit, pineapple, orange) are all safe alcohol alternatives.
  2. Lassi – The Punjabi lassis (yogurt shake) are a no match drinks. Favoured with berries, pineapple and herbs, these party specials can be enjoyed cold. Yogurt is healthy and cools body, fruits provide nourishment and the icy drink makes anybody feel good after a gulp.
  3. Fruit Punch – A blend of all fruits is a combo nutrient and mineral package for expecting mothers. Fruits (except jackfruit and papayas) are ideal during the time. Then don't add to weight but provide all the required nutrition in as less as a glass. Even vegetable punch such as bloody mary without alcohol is a good health drink.
  4. Buttermilk Specialities – Avoid perforated fruit drinks and prefer natural drinks such as buttermilk. The diluted yogurt can be enjoyed with or without flavours. Even salt/sugar can be avoided. It cools tummy, prevent gastric problems, nausea and eases digestion.
  5. Hot Chocolate – If the pregnant woman is a chocolate lover, then she can be allowed to take a shot of the hot chocolate. The melting chocolate works like an anti depressant, it relaxes mind and provides energy.

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