Most Cruelest Wives Who Shook The World

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Domestic violence is something that is often related to an abusive husband who has ruined the life of his wife by abusing her both physically and mentally.

But, what about those silent men who take up the abuse from their wives and do not reveal the truth? Well, they the ones who suffer the most.

In this article, we are about to share the list of the most cruelest wives who have shocked the world with their cold nature.

Find out more about these chilling stories of women who've disturbed the people around with their worst ways of taking a revenge against their husbands.

These are the stories of wives who have divorced their men over the most pettiest of issues or have even murdered them and fed their bodies to their own children.

Sounds gruesome right? Find out more about the most heartless wives to have ever lived in the history of mankind.

This Woman Killed Her Husband And Fed Him To The Kids

She is the first woman to be sentenced to a natural life-term without parole. She stabbed her husband 37 times and skinned him and hung him from a meat hook. She later boiled his head and made a meal out of the poor man's flesh and tried to feed his kids. We wish she only dies!!

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76-Year-Old Lady Suspected Of Killing 4-5 Husbands

This grandmother was accused of killing over 4-5 husbands of hers and her son for the sake of getting the insurance money. The official causes of deaths were due to sepsis. When a thorough investigation was done, she was found guilty.

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This Woman Chose A Pet Crocodile Over Her Husband

Vicki Lowing divorced her husband, as he was tired of her over-caring nature towards her pet crocodile. She was given a choice to choose between the pet and him; and to amuse everyone, she chose her pet crocodile.

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This Saudi Woman Dumped Her Husband After 30 Years Of Marriage

In Saudi Arabia, most of the women follow a rule that they would never allow their husbands to look at their faces. One fine day, this lady's husband tried to look at her face when she was asleep, she woke up and gave him a rude shock of asking him for a divorce. Imagine the state of that man who was married for 30 years and had not seen his wife's face. Saddd!

This Woman Attacked Her Husband With A Frozen Lasagna

A woman named "Amanda Trott" attacked her husband with a frozen lasagna. The neighbours called in the authorities, as kids were present in the house. The woman, who had slapped the man several times before the frozen attack, was finally jailed.

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The Woman Who Bit Her Man's Penis

Katya Kharitovonova woke up to find her husband making out with her best friend. In a fit of anger, she hit her friend's head and severed the man's penis. He was lucky enough, as it was stitched back and the woman was put behind bars for 2 years.

Husband Demands Kidney Back

This woman named Dawnell Batista was married to Dr. Richard Batista. When she was very critical and needed a kidney transplant, the husband who loved her unconditionally gave her one of his kidneys. Within 4 years of her new life, she was found cheating on him. So, he filed a case against her to pay him either 1.5 million for the organ or wanted his kidney in return. Good work, man!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 14:12 [IST]
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