Flying Abroad With Your Pet Dog?

Flying abroad? You must be worried about your pet dog. Yes, there is a certain procedure that you need to follow while travelling with your pets. Especially if you are travelling abroad by a plane there are certain rules and regulations that you must beware of. Here is a list of things that you should do before you take your dog on a plane.

Immunization- You need to have the immunization records of your dog till the recent possible date. This includes a list of all possible diseases including rabbies. The vaccination for rabbies must be done at least 30 days prior to an entry into a foreign state. The vaccine does not get effective before that.

But dogs that are too young to be vaccinated must be kept in confinement till they get the necessary dose of medicines. Keep prerequisite conditions in mind while you travel with pets.

Health Certificate- In order to take your pet on a plane you would also require a health certificate by a veterinary doctor. But the certificate cannot be more than 10 days old. This is to ensure that nothing happens to the dog while they are on board. And at the same time this is done so that any infection does not spread from them.

Screw-worm- You must get a medical certificate from a doctor dated at least 5 days before entry into a foreign state that the dog is free of screw-worm. And you must also make sure that the certificate clearly states this. It is very important before you fly with your dog on plane.

Foot And Mouth Disease- The feet,and fur of the dog must not carry any excessive dirt. You must not carry any kind of natural bedding like straw or hay. They are not allowed to be carried as they might contain various kinds of plant pests.

Airlines- You must also check with the airlines before you travel with pets. This is very important as different airlines have a different set of rules. Some allow the dogs to be carried if they are the size of a crate/bag. Some airlines also allow you to carry a dog on plane in cargo with a certain restrictions to some breeds.

Medical Examination- The dogs are medically examined at all international airports. They are checked that they do not the carriers of any disease that might affect human beings. So, be ready for such things if you are inclined to carry your dog on a plane.

These all rules are to be kept in mind if you want to fly abroad with your dog.

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