Top 4 Furry Dog Breeds!

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Furry Dog Breeds
Furry dogs have a different appearance and are loved by women. Having a furry dog can be tiring too at times as hair shedding is a common problem in furry dogs. A furry dog can spread the fur in the sofa, furniture and carpet. They appear cute which is why women love to keep such feminine dogs. Lets take a look at the top 4 furry and cute dog breeds.

Top 4 furry dogs:

Schnauzer: The miniature schnauzer has a double coat fur. The exterior fur is wiry and the undercoat is soft. The coat is kept short on the body but the hair on ears, legs and belly are left to enhance their appearance and beauty. The schnauzer are known for not shedding their fur. The hair shedding of this furry dog breed is very minimal. The bushy beard, mustache and eyebrows with folded ears make this furry dog appear fluffy and cute small dog.

Maltese: This is another miniature dog breed with furry coat. The dropping ears and hairy body covers the whole face. Only the small black eyes and nose is visible in this hairy dog. The Maltese appearance has given this miniature breed a new name, toy dog as the fur and small size make them look like soft toys.

Poodle: It is an ideal feminine dog breed for women. The miniature furry dog breed is available in different coat colours such as white, black, blue, gray, silver, brown, apricot, red and cream. The curly double coat fur of poodle dogs make them a furry dog breed. It is important to use clips to tie the hair or trim them as they tangle easily.

Pomeranian: Pomeranian is a most commonly adopted dog breed and an ideal feminine dog breed. This furry dog comes in different colours and hair shedding is a common problem. The Pomeranian have two coat fur. The outer coat of this hairy dog is long, straight and harsh while the undercoat is soft, thick and short. The coat tangles easily, particularly when the undercoat sheds.

These are the top 4 furry dog breeds which are miniature and feminine too!

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