How Much Potatoes Is Too Much For Health?

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It is simply awesome to munch some crispy potato fries with sauce while watching your favorite TV show but how much potatoes to too much for health is what we will discuss in detail today. Have a look.

Potato is a magical vegetable. It is a favorite of kids, aged and the working crowd as lot of recipes can be made by simply boiling it. The tuber blends well with any type of flour and vegetable. Just mashing or slicing or frying alone will make it tasty enough to eat in bulk. It also a good combination with alcoholic and perforated drinks.

But most dieticians, cardiologists and kidney specialists (nephrologists) advice to avoid potatoes as much as you can. Have you wondered why? Some say that the peel of potatoes is also dangerous to kidney patients as it contains a lot of potassium which is not good for them.

Some nutritionalists argue that potatoes are healthy to body if prepared and had in the right form. Frying and spice is what makes it bad they say. Potato, as a vegetable is vitamin and mineral rich but are generally served with high calorie toppings such as cheese, butter etc. Check out for healthy ways to eat potatoes.

Healthy Ways To Eat Potatoes (Maintain Diet)
1. French fries are a villian to health. They contain certain toxins like acrylamide that are dangerous to humans. What one can do to prevent this is boil the potatoes and preserve it in tamarind/lemon or any antioxidant juice.

2. Potatoes With Green tint are also said to be dangerous to health as it contains solanine which can cause arthritis pain. The best ways to escape this is scrape off the greenish portion and use the rest.

3. A potato contains 150 calories so plan your calorie intake that is specified by your dietician for the month. Restrict or rather replace potato with a better and fiber rich vegetable.

4. Avoid unnecessary cream or butter topping on the high calorie vegetables. Also watch out on what you drink with the potato foods. Alcoholic drinks are no less in calories.

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