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Know Why Tulsi Vivah Is Considered To Be Important For Childless Couples

Tulsi Vivah is said to be an important festival for Hindus, especially for those who are married. Devotees observe the rituals with utmost dedication and belief. It is said that Tulsi and Lord Shaligram, one of the forms of Lord Vishnu bless the one who performs the puja of Tulsi Vivah. This year the festival will be celebrated on 26 November 2020.

For couples, nothing is more painful than knowing that they are unable to bear a child. In order to ease their pain, devotees believe that childless couples can perform a Tulsi Vivah Puja.

It is said that the expenses of performing the puja and full rituals of Tulsi Vivah are borne by couples who are childless. Devotees believe that the soul of Vrinda, the one who turned into Tulsi after being Sati, resides in the plant. The soul of Vrinda blesses the couples and fulfil their every wish. It is believed that people should perform this puja with purity, austerity and dedication. The rituals of this festival are just like any other Hindu festival.

Before the puja begins, one has to first, clean the area where the puja will be performed, the rituals will be done and mop the ground with cow's dung. For that reason, cow's dung is considered to be one of the most auspicious things to be used in a Hindu Puja.

But one should make sure to not pluck any Tulsi leaves on that day. They should perform the rituals by decorating the plant with red bangles and Chunari. A wedding saree can also be used to surround the plant. All the things should be then donated to a Brahmin girl, especially a Kanya (girls around the age of 5-8 years).

Once the puja is completed, one should arrange Kanya Pujan (worshipping of young girls). Make sure you donate all the holy things and wedding ornaments associated with a Hindu marriage. For example bangles, bindi, aalta, chunari, etc. This will help the childless couple to seek blessings from God. It is believed that couples who are unable to have a child, receive blessings in the form of childbirth and marital bliss.