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Reorganize Life
In this fast paced life, reorganization is a necessary aspect to keep ourselves prompt to cope with the sudden twist and turns, be it at work, home, social circle etc. Here are some fundamental tips to reorganize life that serves as practical ideas, applicable to all changing and challenging situations.

Tips for an organized life and personal development

  • For an organized life, be it at home or at work, the first and foremost thing is that there should be concrete planning.
  • In the fulfillment of a goal, concentrate more on the means to achieve it than fancying the goal or getting worried about it. This will help one to focus on the work at hand which will bring in the end.
  • Once the goal is set it is important to keep the mind open about the result of the Process, while focusing on the path to attain an end. This is so because one may be lacking in knowledge or may not be aware of sudden happenings one may have to encounter. Swami Dayananda in his 'Need for personal reorganization' jocularly quotes an example of the sudden increase in the price of onions that toppled a government.
  • One of the most important aspects required to reorganize life is proper communication. Lack of proper communication can topple things at both home and work, owing to misinterpretation of facts.
  • Even in the face of failures to achieve the desired end, one is neither totally successful nor a failure in life. This is because at certain standpoints one is successful and in certain aspects one is a failure. Hence success and failure cannot be attributed totally to a person. This also helps in curbing the fear of failure.
  • Ambition will have to be attended for self-fulfillment than for one's survival. This helps in reducing the mad rush for wants which, in turn pushes one into pressure. Here an understanding into needs and wants is necessary.
  • A proper understanding of one's ego is utterly essential to reorganize life, whether at work or at home. Look within and understand your ego. Have a mature ego that can accommodate other egos as well.
  • Do not label yourself as being successful or a failure. One then promptly and spontaneously gets to work on whatever is set before diligently. This enables one to be in the present. To be in the present is to be focused.
  • Do not procrastinate tasks. It is good to attend to them immediately at work or at home to have a cool head.
  • Vedanta points out that there are various laws which govern us. Swami Dayananda Saraswati says that every action has four fold results, meeting expectations, meeting more than what is expected, meeting less than what is expected, or landing up with right the opposite. One of these laws is bound to function. Hence to concentrate on the means is a wiser thing to do.
  • Focusing on the means or on the way, helps one to spring back to his feet to focus on the next task. This way one is a simple person not inflated by the ego of success or depressed by failure. One is then endowed with the equanimity of mind to meet changes in life with diligence.
  • These are timeless tips from Vedanta which, help to reorganize life at all times and situations which simply makes life an organized one, effortlessly.

Reference : 'The Need for personal reorganisation,' by Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

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Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2011, 16:04 [IST]
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