Practice Of Vedanta-Part II

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Vedanta Practice, Swami Chinmayananda
Continued From Part I

Religion chastens life in the individual, and through individual perfection, brings about a brightening of the quality of man's communal living. This glow in living life is called culture. Encourage listeners not only to study the noble life chalked out in Vedanta, but also to live it fully and fearlessly. Be friendly towards all. Court with love even those who are, in their inner confusions or under some misunderstanding, or with an inherent sense of shyness, standing outside the gates of the Mission.

Such people, once won over, will truly become the greatest supporters, the noblest workers, and generally grow very fast spiritually. All this can be effortlessly achieved only when you are pure and noble in your own moral living and when you are steady and regular in your spiritual sadhana. The glow and warmth must come from you, to attract others around you, who are now living in desperate sorrows born out of self-created mental worries. Be patient and loving, in nursing these unfortunate ones out of their bewilderments.

Maintain punctuality and extreme cleanliness about you and around you. Be smiling. Centred in Him, who is ever in your heart, act honestly, with endless love, for the welfare and well being of all others. At all times, be willing to make sacrifices of your comforts and privileges to serve others. Court and serve people, not their possessions. Wait and watch how funds come when you deserve it-in His judgement. Devoted to Narayana, serve the world; how can Lakshmi be far away? You will always get what you deserve-you may not get what you desire.

Therefore, come to deserve first, and then learn to fulfill your programme of seva.

In life the giver is always the master, the receiver is always the slave. By giving, remain ever a master and decide never to be a slave! The creditor is the master; the debtor is surely a slave.

The employer is the master; the employee is the slave. When Time employs you, you become the slave; but if you intelligently employ Time, you become the master of Time, and Time becomes your slave! Make a very tight programme for each day and religiously keep it up. Make a general programme for the week, and then for the month. Diligently whip yourself to be totally faithful to your own programme.

Soon you will be able to programme your activities for the whole year! You will then be able to undertake and cheerfully accomplish an enormous volume of work during the course of each year. May we strive continuously and succeed in making our community a little better than what it was when we reached out to serve the people.

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