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Meditation Brings Wisdom, Lack Of Meditation Leaves Ignorance


Lord Buddha once said, "Meditation brings wisdom, lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom."

Lord Buddha renounced his materialistic life for earning 'real' knowledge. His journey from a prince to hermit was inspirational. It took him years to know the real purpose of his life while he wandered through streets and forests. There was an unfulfilled satisfaction, a thousand questions and an urge to know the aim of human life.

Meditation emerged as a significant contributor in his journey to self-awareness. He had heard a lot about meditation, but started believing in it only after sufficient experimentation. The Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, is the place where he sat and meditated for years and found enlightenment.

While the gurus of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were mythological figures, saints like Swami Vivekananda, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira etc., have lived in the same world that we live in. However, all of them had similar thoughts about meditation. As is rightly said - all great minds think alike.

The practice of meditation involves various stages and types and subtypes. While sometimes you might be asked to sit and think on all the events of the day, at other times you might have to just shut your mind and think nothing. Sometimes you have to just let the thoughts flow freely. Meditation these days is being promoted in schools and workplaces as well. Is it really that important? Let us understand the above-mentioned quote better and know how meditation helps.


Know Well What Leads You Forward And What Holds You Back

Done for the day? Good. Now sit back, relax, breathe in and breathe out. Close your eyes and meditate. Let peace flow in. Reflect upon the events of the day. Think what were your actions and what were the outcomes of past actions or events. Evaluate which action of the past landed you where today. Calculate where today's action will take you tomorrow. Did an action of the past take you a step forward in life or did it not?

Such reflection on your own actions and their evaluation, helps you think upon what are your strengths and which things are not really your cup of tea. It makes you realise which are the spheres that you can really work on and improve. This way, meditation helps you know yourself better. It makes you aware of what takes you forward in life and what holds you back.

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Meditation Brings Wisdom

Meditation gives relaxation to the mind. A mind that has evaluated its past actions and their consequences and had sufficient thought about its future actions, becomes wiser. A relaxed mind not only evaluates its own actions better but those of others as well.

Mind needs to be fed with proper nutrition in order to attain wisdom. And rightful thoughts are its feed. So when the brain is allowed to think freely, right thoughts fall in place. And meditation allows thoughts to flow freely. Thus, meditation brings wisdom.


Lack Of Meditation Leaves Ignorance

Since meditation involves reflecting on the actions, a lack of such reflection makes one ignorant. Just as a room needs timely cleaning, the brain too needs cleaning when it gets cluttered up. People busy in the hectic schedules of modern life, perform many actions in a day, take many decisions as per the demand of time, without taking a break, without having thought upon their journey. This makes them ignorant.

It is only because of the ability to think and introspect that humans are said to have been blessed and more privileged than other creatures on earth. To become a better version of themselves and not behave like animals, it is vital that humans do some introspection. And the rightful introspection happens through meditation.


Choose The Path That Leads To Wisdom

Choose the path that leads you to wisdom. Have a clear vision. Take the right steps. Be your own guide. Meditation helps build a vision that is clearer. So choose meditation.